Bamenda man protests against bad roads with his coffin


21 lives lost to Odontol 

21 people have died in Cameroon after consuming a locally brewed alcoholic drink Odontol. Another 22 people are hospitalised in the eastern town of Abong-Bang after drinking odontol, CRTV.
Odontol is produced from palm wine, sugar and tree bark and sold outside of traditional shops at a low price. The alcohol content varies, at times dangerously high.
According to CRTV 18 people died in the commununity of Mindourou and 3 in Abong-Bang.

“When I see you (my) eyes start turning,” Angeline, one of those hospitalised in Anong-Bang and who had consumed just “two glasses” of odontol, told CRTV.     There is a current ban on  Sales and production of Odontol 

Ten things you should know about me

I was born in Manyemen, raised in Yaounde, Cameroon. To add, I lived in Kumba for the first few years of my life.
My childhood dream was to become a model (mannequin) as it was referred to in French magazines. That dream didn’t last long. Partly because my parents are Cameroonians (Go Figure!).
My major in undergrad was Mechanical Engineering and Premed. I switched in junior year to nursing after learning about the amazing ways nurses change people’s life. That is one of the best decisions I’ve  ever made.
I truly love election time. Sadly, I have never voted for a political representative in my country.
If I could eat abe nchi, abe bekang, equang, quakoko and mbanga soup, and eru every day—I would.
I love to cook. I am not a big fan of salty treats.
In elementary school, my cousin Lulu and I would ring people’s bells as we walked home. Sometime To know who had dogs and also just to play with the telephone bells.
I hate bananas. I cant stand them. I do enjoy it in cake or other pastries.
My favorite time is conversations with friends and family. I am grateful for them.
I love music. I love dancing. I can dance to the music in my head. I am also secretly jealous of artists; the way they sing and play instruments.

Supermodel, mother of 5 and singing sensation Irene Major of the Major sisters hosts Avenard Couture Christmas Fashion Show in Ingress Abbey

UK-based Cameroonian model, Irene Major over the weekend hosted the Avenard Couture Christmas Fashion Show in Ingress Abbey. It was an extraordinary and star-studded event. Everyone grazed in awe as the models modeled elegant pieces by fashion designer Jonathan Delmas of Avenard Couture.

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Wax Dey and Yemi Alade in concert

They came, they saw they conquered! Saturday 12th Nov 2016 in Yaounde will go down in the annals of Cameroonian entertainment history as the day when all barriers were broken. Yemi Alade and Wax Dey were live on stage at Palais du sport. In spite of the surrounding pessimism and no sponsorships, Calabash Music – Cameroons newest and most daring record label pulled off their first ever concert in grand style. Thousands of adoring fans flocked into Palais des Sports to witness the spectacle.




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Pam Happy from Miss P show covers TINY GOSSIP mag

TG:what inspired you to do Miss P show?

MISS P:  A few years back i was quite stressed by how much Cameroonians condemn their country and i was interested in finding out those who are making a positive change around them, but it was hard to get information and i decided to create the Miss P show, a platform for our generation to share their talent and journey with the hope to inspire other youths not to sit back and wait for job offers but rather work at monetising their skills. Continue reading