Cameroonian parents keep pupils out of school, lack of trust in vaccinations.

Because of this, a school that normally hosts over 900 pupils was left with just close to 400 pupils.

Teachers and health officials have been making efforts to help this children come back to school even though the return is still timid.

At the Government Primary School Group 2 of Gaikama in Maroua, a teacher attested that he was in school early in the morning when suddenly pupils who came early to school started running back home. He said some parents had even worsten the situation by accompanying their children back home.

In order to prevent the situation from aggravating, he went from house to house on bike convincing the parents that the said rumour was false.

Because of this, parents started bringing back their children to school.

More over some parents who already came to withdraw their children home after a great struggle, summited to their teachers advice.

Meanwhile others preferred taking back their children home so to digest the shock and doubts and instead bring them back the following day.

This rumour comes just a week back after another had gone vira insinuating that a vaccine meant to kill pupils will soon be introduced.

many onlookers have expressed that the tmosphere which is still covered with doubt and uncertainty needs to be cleared off.

And for this to work, they say education and health officials need to redouble their efforts in convincing parents and pupils that the rumours was actually false.


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