O my! Is Cameroon’ education system in jeopardy 

At the time when the Prime Minister of Cameroon is back in the North West Region for a second round of visits to persuade parents and stakeholders to reopen schools, students in Anglophone Cameroon have lost almost 50% of the time allocated for effective teaching. If we consider 1st November 2016 as the effective start date of the strike in government and lay private schools then it is plausible to conclude statistically that as of 3rd March 2017 (which marks the end of the 4th Sequence)- Children have lost part of Sequence 2, and all of Sequences 3 and 4. 

– Children have lost 16 of the 36 weeks mandated for effective teaching. 

– The number of weeks lost represent 400 hours of effective teaching 

– 400 hours is 44.44% of the time allocated for effective teaching and learning 
When one considers Article 33.2 of the joint Ministerial Order establishing the 2016/2017 Academic year, it would be credible to argue that the Prime Minister’s effort may not be worth the resources. The Ministerial text explicitly states that “Under no circumstances shall the sum total of lesson hours per pupil/student be less than 900 hours, excluding the time set aside for assessment”. Assumedly, the Prime Minister’s hope is to extend the academic year and provide ample time for students to receive the lesson time required. What are the possibilities? To regain the lost 16 weeks, 

– Classes would need to begin effectively on 6th March for the 5th Sequence. 

– Classes will have to be extended till 29th September 2017. 

– Official Exams will be written from 2nd October and 17th November 2017
Implications: The 2017/2018 Academic year will start in December after the release of Official Exams results. Admissions to University and other institutions will be in January 2018. The next academic year is in jeopardy.


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