​Biya’s speech and Tapang’s take:
It was a disguised attempt to acknowledge defeat on the part of his 34-year regime. In his previous speeches, Biya showed so much strength against swelling protesters in the state of nature. However, he appeared more afraid against the united peoples of West Cameroon. Get this clear:
1. It was a shot in his own leg to admit our key point: “It is your right to strike.” He made that so clear and therefore, endorsed the ongoing strike in West Cameroon. So go and claim your right if you have been feet dragging. 
2. Biya said we have held the education sector “hostage.” That is another sign of defeat acknowledgment. It clearly shows that we are winning and they are losing. Education is the backbone of every society in the state of nature. So, taking it hostage means we have taken the society hostage. Well, we have not taken it “hostage.” We have only seized our rights. Education is our right. And we have the right to clear the path for our future if it means holding all variables constant including education. 
3. Biya sounded frustrated with the impact of the diaspora and the vibrant Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in West Cameroon. In fact, nothing pushing for democracy and the rule of law faster than CSOs. We need to keep the same steam because Biya is frustrated. We seized the political system with our storm. Keep the storm blowing on Etoudi. There is nothing more they can do. 
4. He announced upcoming plans to enforce dialogue. Although his single-handed call for dialogue (not inclusive dialogue) has already been sabotaged by the Consortium, he will aware that we need ALL Civil Society Organizations to sit on a roundtable. And that could be his next move if we keep the pressure. By mentioning the CSOs, which I wanted him to do so, it is a huge plus for our win. 
5. Biya clearly avoided calling the name “Consortium,” but stupidly termed it “Civil Society.” What is the Consortium by the way? It is an assembly of Anglophone Cameroon Civil Society Organisations. And what does that tell you? It tells us that Biya’s message was a frantic talk with the Consortium. However, we need our leaders to be freed before we hit any inclusive dialogue. 
6. Biya mentions the use of “threats, intimidation, and violence” as the key ingredients for our win. Well, although the Consortium does not advocate for all forms of violence, I expected him to be referring to his brutal regime and not the peoples of West Cameroon. It is true that pockets of violence erupt from a few individuals in West Cameroon. But in most cases, overwhelmingly, ALL the killings have been carried out by the Biya’s regime. Our peoples are peaceful. 
We have won FATLY. If you doubt it, tell me where we failed? Long live West Cameroon freedom.


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