Are some Ambazonians are working undercover for La Republic ?

So as I mentioned before here is an update from home. It’s very disturbing to imagine that in spite of all the vile acts perpetrated by the Cameroon Government and that have gone unchecked, these goons still continue to intimidate and frame innocent citizens. 
On Friday, my mum left the house and was driving around town (Buea) to be precise to go get a few things for the house. She parked her car in the right parking spot and went about her business. Upon returning to her car, some soldier (they call them “BIR”) walked up to her and told her that she hadn’t parked right. So while she stood there talking to the guy and trying to defend her position, unbeknownst to her this joker had ulterior motives as it wasn’t the main reason why he cornered her in the first place. 
He had called his guys to come over and when they came around, my mum was then informed that her car had been seen in a particular area of town “sandpit” and the person driving the car was handing out flyers and calling on people to protest. “What day was this?”, she asked and they said the same day Cameroon played against Gabon and about that same time (8pm). Guess what? (This is where it gets creepy). They showed her the picture of the car with the same number plate!!! And then asked her to follow them to the Police Station. She requested to make a phone call to her husband and they agreed. 
So she called my dad who rushed to the scene without delay. There they were both interrogated and come to find out they were both at home on that day, at that time and the car was parked in the compound!!! These goons said they don’t believe it and that they will keep the car and the keys at the station while they carry out further investigations. So that happened on Friday and my parents were asked to leave and report back today Monday. 
They went back there today in the morning and were there till about 5pm!!! My dad was asked to give a statement and my mum too. Again where the story gets twisted. The genesis of this whole thing was that they (the uniform men) claimed to have received an “anonymous” letter from someone who told them that they had seen my mum’s car in the aforementioned location and the person in it was giving out flyers. (Let me deviate a little) So we have people living within our communities who have become spies for the Government and are trying so hard to sabotage the #struggle. I won’t be surprised if these same folks have also given names of those outside the country who have been writing about the situation in the country so that Immigration Services can compile a list and wait for us at the airport upon arrival!!!
As I speak Ladies and Gentlemen, my mum’s car has been impounded till further notice until the “so called” investigations are concluded. However, they have asked them to report back to the station tomorrow for further interrogations. The joker’s came up with three dates today to show how confused they are. They said it was either the 20th, 22nd or the 25th. Now they want to interrogate everybody who entered my mum’s car between these dates. How dumb! It’s really a pity to see what is going on in our country. What if my mum had been whisked away to Yaounde from where they met her right after levying these false and weighty allegations against her? Others have not had the opportunity to make phone calls after being accosted. I will be following up this matter and bringing updates on it. We live in interesting times people. #ItCouldBeAnybody #TheStruggleContinues #FreeAllWhomHaveBeenArrested #BringBackOurInternet #StopHarrassingInnocentCitizens

Braun Hill Hilton Ndi Rene Momene Jon Snow Paul Metuge Fossung EmmanuelMaewo RayArreytambe Etah


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