Is there really a North West and South West Cameroon 

Updates From Buea: Mafany is going crazy.
Inside sources from Mountain Hotel Buea say Peter Mafany Musango and chief Atem Ebako are presently cooking Xenophobia. There are calling on all parents to send their children to school

saying they should not be fooled by the north westerners.
Now listen my people. These are people who want to continue to divide us. We refuse to be divided. We have succeeded in destroying that nonsense called NW/SW lines. They are so angry because when we are united, they the so – called elites have nothing to offer and they lost regime favours. Please let us continue to denounce these persons. Let us use this information and call or text 10 persons now to remind them of next week activities with 11th February being the ultimate boycott.
Let us shame Musonge and Co. We are one, we identify as people from West Cameroon and refuse to bow to that nonsense called NW/SW.
Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo 

For the Consortium.


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