21 lives lost to Odontol 

21 people have died in Cameroon after consuming a locally brewed alcoholic drink Odontol. Another 22 people are hospitalised in the eastern town of Abong-Bang after drinking odontol, CRTV.
Odontol is produced from palm wine, sugar and tree bark and sold outside of traditional shops at a low price. The alcohol content varies, at times dangerously high.
According to CRTV 18 people died in the commununity of Mindourou and 3 in Abong-Bang.

“When I see you (my) eyes start turning,” Angeline, one of those hospitalised in Anong-Bang and who had consumed just “two glasses” of odontol, told CRTV.     There is a current ban on  Sales and production of Odontol 


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