Cameroon politics, A family Affair

From 237online

Born from the first marriage of Paul Biya, Franck Emmanuel Biya, 46, is presented by his relatives as a businessman, but his only known company, Forestry Engineering, led by his friend Christian Mataga, has put the key under the door .

It also appeared about zero-coupon Treasury bonds. The facts, according to the question addressed by a deputy to the Minister of Justice: “Frank Biya, through his Afrione company, obtained from the Ministry of Finance 9,400 Treasury bills with a nominal value of 1 million F CFA [1? 525 euros], or 9.4 billion at an annual interest rate of 3% for a maturity date of 10 years. It nonetheless pre-taxed 17.4 billion CFA francs, a differential of 13.9 billion CFA francs compared to the money it invested, namely 3.5 billion CFA francs. “The applicant neither denied nor upheld the charges.

If Franck no longer has a known activity, his name appears regularly in cases where this “son of” acts as intermediary and facilitator for large groups wishing to invest in Cameroon. He would have played a key role in awarding the market for the Cameroon dam from Memve’ele to the Chinese company Sinohydro. His patronymic served as a via for mining groups, in particular.
The son of the president chose to live in France, in Menton, his first wife, Laure Perry,a Franco-Cameroonian is living in Argentina with their two children after their divorce.

Unofficial adviser to his father, Frank is behind the appointment of Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of Finance. In the heart of the state, there are also three of his cousins. Dieudonné Evou Mekou, who had headed the Autonomous Amortization Fund for a decade, became Vice-Governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) in July.
The second, Martin Bilé Bidjang, surgeon-dentist in a parapublic hospital, was propelled in 2009 missionary in Etoudi. As for Bonaventure Mvondo Assam, he was elected deputy in the National Assembly.




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