Pam Happy from Miss P show covers TINY GOSSIP mag

TG:what inspired you to do Miss P show?

MISS P:  A few years back i was quite stressed by how much Cameroonians condemn their country and i was interested in finding out those who are making a positive change around them, but it was hard to get information and i decided to create the Miss P show, a platform for our generation to share their talent and journey with the hope to inspire other youths not to sit back and wait for job offers but rather work at monetising their skills.

TG:Who is your role model as a talk show host?

MISS P:   My role model on TV will not be one person but rather it will be a mix of Wendy Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey all in one person..

TG:You recently hosted 3Throne event in Nigeria with other top African superstars,tell us, was that your first event I mean out of the country and tell us your experience?

MISS P:   3 thrones… I am lost for words simply because I headed out to host a concert, but I was impressed at how  well they put together the concept turned out to be a musical fusion of the African royal culture and roman royalty. There was a naked golden girl, golden thrones, royal guards, rocks in the form of a cave door, fireworks, drummers, guards with golden Shields and swords….so much more than I can describe. The atmosphere was dynamic and the energy was unimaginable. Tiwa Savage proved via her performance, that African ladies in entertainment can reach for the skies, Phyno, Timaya and Davido were quite impressivein their acts too… hosting was quite fun because the guests came in a ready room and party you can only imagine the vibes when you co host is Denrele Edun.

 TG: Your fans have two questions for you? First,they want to know if you are single?

MISS P:  Single really is not the word I would use for my current status but I am definitely not married


MISS P:  Beauty secret…. hmmmm I doubt I have one but if I do say it then it’s not a secret anymore. I stay away from chemical products as much as I can and that helps my skin glow naturally.

TG:You previously said u are single,I have a game for you? Who amongst this hand guys will you go on a private vacation with? Who will you date? Who do you think should give you diamonds? Who will you marry? And who will you give to your friend or sister as a blind date?Agbor Gilbert,Clinton Njie, Dynastie les tigre, Stanley Enow and Jeffery Epule?

 MISSP: hahahaha you will get me in trouble…. I said i can’t call myself single but I am not married *wink*. Nonetheless with a plethora of funky brothers like this I . at liberty to say;

Jeffrey Epule is fun and smart, so I would go on a private vacation with him because I am sure it will be a great learning experience for us both.

StanleyEnow, I would give to a friend for a blind date.

Gilbert Agbor, to buy diamonds but I am not sure as to what occasion he will do so but he never buys me anything so this will be a good opportunity to start.

Now to date and marry lies between Clinton Njie and Dynastie les Tigre…hmmmm I will prolly ask the world to help me on this one because, I would marry the person who prefers not to have me in the kitchen always and date he who would always take me out on fun dates.

TG:Thank you Miss P for sharing some top and funky moments with TG and hope to have you again.

MISSP:The pleasure is mine TINY GOSSIP

Thats it from us to Miss P and to you,read,share,have fun and you can always drop your comments on our home page and also on our facebook page:TINY GOSSIP.

see next month with our surprise interview cover..

Photography: Alain Ngann

cover graphics: Pa shawn


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