Blanche Bailly “kam we stay

 Cliq Media is proud to present the sensational Blanche Bailly in the official release of her music video titled “Kam We Stay”.

Blanche is a Cameroonian artist who entered the music scene in 2015 with her single “Killa” on YouTube which currently has 12,000 views and most recently her cover of “Sawa Romance” by Locko.Her coming unto the music stage is to say something different and in a unique way.

“Kam We Stay” is a very relatable song that has a clear message about how a romantic relationship should go and is against cohabitation fondly referred to as “Kam We Stay”. Media tour starts after the release.

So,listen,enjoy,dance,comment and share.

Cliq media is a media management and marketing company that closes that gap between where artistes are and where they need to be.



For Bookings and enquiries Contact

+237 675 411 309

Facebook -Blanche Bailly







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