Emeh Achanga of MissPetite welcomes baby girl

Congratulations to Emeh and her hubby.

Read what she wrote and shared with her blog readers

Dear MPN family, I am a MOTHER ..Yes! Emeh Achanga is a mother of a beautiful baby girl named Jasmine,Oluwapelumi Atabong Obadele .I welcomed her yesterday April 3rd .Quite unexpected .I read your comments on other posts about heari this on other blogs (Kemi Filani,Olorisupergal and many more amazing bloggers ).I am humbled by the fact they rejoice with me .I however,wasn’t hiding the news from you my darlings.In my usual style,I was going to write a diary,share with you how it happened (Yes,I haven’t forgotten how I said I didn’t believe in love,marriage and all)That was just a year ago .Well,life throws you surprises and in learnt to never say never ..But now,I have decided to first share the pics of my baby,my impromptu pregnancy shoot out together by an amazing friend at 8 months 2 weeks pregnant ..

I can’t explain how overjoyed I am.. I now understand why they say motherhood is the greatest feeling in the world For the first time ,I felt so beautiful and comfortable in my own skin .My baby was so good to me .How i carried on blogging non stop is still a mystery .I’m blessed..And no,I’m not a babymama.(Not like there is anything wrong with that)I have learnt not to judge anyone…Please,I am currently in the hospital,  fatigued and in pain .Yes,then price of motherhood ,but I have unimaginable passion for this blog and you all.

I promise to write a diary detailing my experience with you all soonest..P.SHubby was the one helping out with blogging for the last few days.Thanks to him.XoxoEMEH Achanga  


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