Woman, Cameroonian movie by Goretti and Florence Nkeng


The UK premiere of filmmaker Goretti Etchu-Egbe’s feature-length film“Woman”.

Written and Produced by Goretti Etchu-Egbe, “Woman” stars Epule Jeffrey(Decoded, Blood & Wine) Goretti (Before the Sunrise, Turntable) Ruth Nkweti (A little lie, a little kill), Charlotte Gobina (Rumble) and Joe-Richard Pook(Charlotte Dipanda ‘Coucou).

Woman is a story of love, lust and betrayal.

Manga (Joe-Richard pook) a pediatrician, and Angoh, (Goretti) a marketing executuve living the happy hustle and bustle life of every typical married couple. They have two children and all seems to be going well until Rachel (Gobina Charlotte) a pharmacist and highly confident, driven, serial dater steps into the picture. She only dates married men and her reasons are as compelling as the web into which Manga is drawn. On the other side, Manga’s best friend, Leke (Epule Jeffrey) and his very-long-term girlfriend, Mbolle (Ruth Nkweti), battle the issue of Leke’s reluctance to solidify their commitment with a marriage proposal.

The dynamics of these two relationships sets the tone for ‘Woman’ as a thought provoking and in-your-face film that will leave audiences either resolved or riled up. Which of these two relationships survives their complications and what implications does it leave for the single, dating and married?


Friday, March 4th, 2016

Red Carpet Arrivals:              9pm – 10pm

Cocktails & entertainment:    10pm – 10:50pm

Screening:                              11pm


Odeon Cinema


Bugsby Way, London SE10 0QJ

Tickets are available online at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/myevent?eid=20778000559


Goretti Etchu-Egbe was born and raised in Cameroon. Her journey into filmmaking began in 2004 when she relocated to Nigeria from the UK in order to pursue a career in filmmaking. While in Nigeria, she wrote and starred in several films. She wrote and starred in the first ever Cameroon-Nigerian smash hit film collaboration ‘Before the Sunrise’. WOMAN is her first feature film as a producer and screenwriter.


WOMAN makes history as the first Cameroonian film to be premiered in a Major UK cinema.

WOMAN was shot on location in Cameroon with a Cameroonian cast and crew.




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