VIRTUOUS COLLECTION is a woman of moral excellence, Class, Style, a Woman who exhibits strength, courage, braveness, purity and Valiant. VIRTUOUS COLLECTION is Fashion that expresses the true inner and physical beauty of a Lady in an AFRICAN STYLE with the use of high quality fabrics to fit all sizes. My inspiration for this collection was simply the personality of a Virtuous woman.  . It has pieces ranging from dresses with risque sheer inserts, sheer paneling, clutches and more.

About The Designer

Enjoh Eunice is a Cameroonian-Born designer and sucker for fashion, based in  Douala .  She owes her origin from the North West region.


The interest began from my early age when I always wanted to stand out distinct in my appearance, I will always choose what to wear. I loved playing with fabrics by modifying all my mother’s old outfits and wearing them. I discovered before I dress, I had an image of it already. This continued all through my live and at a certain point my friends began addressing me as the designer or Eu the designer.

About The Brand Unice

UNICE is a luxurious and upscale clothing line from an innovative mind to bring you quality, distinctive, sophisticated and timeless style of fashion.

What makes The brand luxurious

We produce desirable and rare well studied, creative, Edgy, durable and high quality products with good taste and finishing


Photo credit : Elvis Tanwie -Dedaddies
Model :Gobina Charlotte
MUA: Gobina Charlotte
Designer and Stylist : UNICE


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