Would you marry your husband’ bestfriend? This lady did

This lady married her husband’s bestfriend following his death from cancer .Michelle Nicklin  was pregnant with their twin babies when 24-year-old Jamie, a chef, was ­diagnosed with terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the couple made the brave ­decision to go ahead with IVF treatment using his frozen sperm and give him the family he desperately wanted.

Tragically, her husband lost his battle against the disease when she wasn’t even three months pregnant and Michelle, a widow at just 22, had to bring her new babies, a boy and a girl , into the world all by herself.But now she has found happiness again – with a lifelong friend of Jamie’s.

She and Jamie had enjoyed a long friendship with Kevin Grantham and enjoyed regular get-togethers. They were both devastated by Jamie’s death.
And helping to support each other through their grief, Michelle and Kevin eventually fell in love.
They are now married and have a daughter of their own, four-year-old Kara.

Michelle, 29, a care assistant who lives in Bicester, Oxon, with Kevin, 32, who works in sales, and the children, says:

 “I’ve finally found ­happiness again. When I lost Jamie, it was devastating and I never thought I would find such happiness again. I feel very lucky to have found love again.
“And its lovely that Jamie and Kevin knew each other for years. I know Jamie would approve of me marrying Kevin and that he is looking after our twins.”

Jamie was diagnosed with non-­Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a rare cancer which develops in the lymphatic system – a few weeks before he met Michelle.
Michelle says: “He was only 20 and really fit and sporty. He loved playing rugby and it seemed so hard to believe that someone so young and fit could have cancer.

Huffington Post


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