Lamar Odom opens his eyes and wants to see his children: ‘Comatose’ NBA star who collapsed during $75k brothel and drug binge gives most promising sign yet of recovery

Lamar Odom video shows ‘NBA star popping pills' as Caitlyn joins Khloe at hospital

From DailyMail

Lamar Odom (center inset) is making strides in his recovery, according to multiple reports that he has opened his eyes at the hospital. A source at the hospital tells Entertainment Tonight that Odom opened his eyes and was somehow able to communicate ‘yes’ when asked if he wanted to see his children. This echoes a previous report from the Los Angeles Daily News that Lamar briefly woke up and ‘showed some responsiveness with his body language’ on Thursday and sources told ABC News that he may have even spoken. TMZ also reported on Friday that Odom’s heart was responding well to treatment. However, the gossip site published a conflicting report that Odom’s eye movements could have been involuntary. Still, it’s the first good news for Odom’s family, who came rushing to Las Vegas on Tuesday when he was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth in the VIP suite of a Nevada brothel (top left). It’s believed that Odom overdosed on drugs during the four day bender and on Thursday, footage was released showing Odom appearing to pop pills in the brothel’s bar with prostitutes (bottom left). Odom’s daughter and son pictured center: Destiny Odom is second from right and Lamar Jr is second from left.


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