From Tikay’s Bridal; A look at Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon

Brides looking for the perfect fix on their wedding day finally have a solution to look up to – Zaron Cameroon.

zaron zp

Zaron proposes a wide range of beauty products that fit a large range of Arican skin colors,from very light skin to very dark skin. The Cameroonian bride can kiss goodbye to complains about skin sensitive products as they embrace the package proposed by Zaron Cameroon.


The Zaron Team not only proposes Zaron products but also beauty enhancement services. ” At Zaron our objective is to  bring out the natural beauty of every lady.We don’t believe in over doing it. To achieve the perfect fix, less is more.” says Sarah Muenge C.E.O of Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon. Below are Pics of their recent Buea meet up between the 09 and the 11th of october 2015.


Screenshot_2015-10-14-18-49-43[1] Screenshot_2015-10-14-19-14-28[1]


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