Afia Schwarznegger insults the President of Ghana

Valentina Nana Adjeiwaah, the self proclaimed Afia Schwarzenegger is at it again, this time insulting the first gentleman of the land-President John Dramani Mahama and admitting personally that she is a dirty woman.

In a video obtained from instagram user- ‘teamnolongage_gh’, she is heard descending into the gutters with her utterances in a confrontation with someone who seems to have given her a facility she was not very happy about and typical of her erratic behaviour, she is heard threatening to break something and shouting on top of her voice ‘we paid for this stupid facility, f**k John Mahama, F**k my dirty p***y’.

How President Mahama’s name came into this is shocking—and really disrespectful. If it’s anywhere in the world, her employers would have slapped her with a sack or at least a suspension for this video.

Such conducts should not be entertained—and as we recently reported; “in April, ESPN suspended reporter-Britt McHenry after a video of a foul-mouthed rant went viral—and this was an off duty video yet ESPN considered it as a taint on its reputation, considering the fact that the Britt worked for them.”

Afia Schwarzenegger works for Kasapa FM and UTV and goes about tainting their brands with her behaviour such as the one in the video and none of these employers seems to even care.

If TV3 was able to suspend Nana Aba Anamoah for tainting their brand, what are the employers of Afia Schwarzenegger waiting for when she goes as far as openly insulting the President for no reason?

This is not the first time the mother of three has been caught on video going crazy and this might not be the last.

VIDEO: Weed Smoker & Lunatic-Afia Schwarzenegger Goes Crazy & Insults President Mahama | Says F**K John Mahama


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