Ladies take the wheel; Nigerian comedian Helen Paul made the first move on her husband.

Aww this is so touching and LOVELY. It paid off though. Ladies better start talking when you see a man you admire o. You don’t need to ask him out, just get a conversation going whenever he comes around like Helen Paul did. Helen and her hubby now have three kids together and have been married for 5 years. Oya read her trick…lol.

Speaking on how she met her husband to Sun, she said;

”I met him through my boss where I was formerly working. He was a friend to my boss. While he always saw me as too playful and jumpy, I saw him as too stingy”, she said while laughing.

According to Tatafo, the reason she thought her husband was stingy was that whenever he came to the office, he never bothered to buy anything for her and her co-workers unlike her boss’ other friends who were always generous. Continue,..

“Those days when my boss’ colleagues came visiting, they always reached out to us when leaving. They gave us money which we used to buy doughnuts and soft drinks but my husband never gave us anything.

“He would just wave his hand and say ‘bye bye guys, take care of yourselves’,” she says, mimicking a stern and unfriendly male voice, adding, “So we always saw him as a selfish lawyer.”

However, one day, Tatafo and her colleagues were up to the hilt and so she summoned all the courage she could and decided to confront him.

“On that fateful day, I summoned courage and as he was leaving, I told him, ‘sir, you don’t buy us anything any time you come but we really like you. If you can be buying us doughnuts and soft drinks, we would be very grateful’. He started laughing, so I quickly added, ‘sir, it’s not only me o. My colleagues are also involved, so please don’t tell our boss’.”

Indeed, Tatafo’s move paid off as her future husband laughed it off after which he reached into his pockets and gave them ‘something’ for lunch.

“We were so happy I asked for his phone number which he gave me. And then I gave his number to my friends and we all started calling to thank him. He realised that we really desired the doughnuts and soft drinks so whenever he came by, he would give us money for doughnuts and soft drinks. He never failed to deliver whenever he showed up and we never stopped thanking him. And then one day, he took a good look at me and said ‘baby, I love you’ and the rest is history.”


Epsyken Le Lyriciste Ft Akhim – Na You Sabi ( official video

epsyken le lyriciste

Le label Money Maker Muzik (3M)présente le clip #NYS (Na You Sabi) de Epsyken le Lyriciste ft Akhim.

“Na you sabi” mot pidgin signifiant “c’est toi qui sait” est le titre cette chanson, fruit de la collaboration entre Epsyken le Lyriciste et Akhim, tous deux jeunes artistes Camerounais. Cette chanson est le moyen pour eux de pousser les autres à se remettre en question face aux différentes situations que l’on rencontre au quotidien.

Sur une musique de Fine Pikin,  cette chanson est une sauce africaine concoctée par le génie de Epsyken et Akhim. Le vidéogramme de “Na you sabi”est le film de deux sages africains observant notre quotidien sous un angle très critique, car il est question de toujours se remettre en question dans tout ce qui est fait par nous.

Sorry the video is no longer available due to copyright claims by Lollipop records… :_(

the Pope on rape

Capture Linda

Pope Francis today in Philadelphia USA, met with victims of sexual abuse either by clergy men, church workers, teachers or family members. While empathizing with them after hearing their stories, Pope Francis said God weeps for the sexual abuse of children;

“I have in my heart these stories of suffering of those youth that were sexually abused. The people who had the responsibility to take care of these tender ones violated that trust and caused them great pain. God weeps for the sexual abuse of children.” he said

Start a conversation with your dream girl in less than 1 minute with these questions

Beauty Conversation Starters

Beauty is all around us, and strangely we probably couldn’t live without it. But can beauty be defined? Maybe or maybe not, but at least you can explore the idea of beauty by having a discussion with these conversation questions about beauty.

  • How have standards of beauty changed over the years?
  • What makes a person beautiful to you?
  • Can products be beautiful? What makes a product beautiful? What is the most beautiful product you own?
  • Where is the most beautiful place you have been?
  • Why do humans find things other than humans beautiful? How does it help us?
  • What is the most beautiful song you have heard?
  • What features make a natural area beautiful?
  • What makes a piece of art beautiful to you?
  • Are there any striking examples of beauty in art?
  • How does the absence of beauty affect people?
  • What is the most beautiful thing in your life?
  • Is beauty only in the eye of the beholder, or can we say some things are universally beautiful?

Challenges Conversation Starters

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