Epsyken Le Lyriciste Ft Akhim – Na You Sabi ( official video

epsyken le lyriciste

Le label Money Maker Muzik (3M)présente le clip #NYS (Na You Sabi) de Epsyken le Lyriciste ft Akhim.

“Na you sabi” mot pidgin signifiant “c’est toi qui sait” est le titre cette chanson, fruit de la collaboration entre Epsyken le Lyriciste et Akhim, tous deux jeunes artistes Camerounais. Cette chanson est le moyen pour eux de pousser les autres à se remettre en question face aux différentes situations que l’on rencontre au quotidien.

Sur une musique de Fine Pikin,  cette chanson est une sauce africaine concoctée par le génie de Epsyken et Akhim. Le vidéogramme de “Na you sabi”est le film de deux sages africains observant notre quotidien sous un angle très critique, car il est question de toujours se remettre en question dans tout ce qui est fait par nous.

Sorry the video is no longer available due to copyright claims by Lollipop records… :_(


Taybid ; Ragga N Blues


Taybid is a Cameroonian Afro Dancehall artist based in Atlanta, USA. Formerly known as Mr Armani. With more music on the way and more news and to hold down the Cameroonian Dancehall king title he blesses us with this take on Popular Dancehall rhythm. He calls this one “Ragga and Blues”

IG: taybid

Twitter: taybid01

the Pope on rape

Capture Linda

Pope Francis today in Philadelphia USA, met with victims of sexual abuse either by clergy men, church workers, teachers or family members. While empathizing with them after hearing their stories, Pope Francis said God weeps for the sexual abuse of children;

“I have in my heart these stories of suffering of those youth that were sexually abused. The people who had the responsibility to take care of these tender ones violated that trust and caused them great pain. God weeps for the sexual abuse of children.” he said