This Swazi Zulu virgin is 57 years old

57 year old  Ngipheni Ngcobo was one of the thousands of bare-breasted Zulu maidens who flocked to Nyokeni Palace in Nongoma for the 24th annual Zulu reed dance on Saturday.

Her decision to remain a virgin was borne nearly 20 years ago,after her then fiance had even paid her bride price, but his infidelity left her heartbroken. She vowed never to fall in love again.

“We had been seeing each other for 10 years, but we had never had sex. When I found out he was having an affair with another man’s wife, that was it for me. Maybe I would have understood if it had been just another girl, but did he have to do it with a woman who was married?”

Since then, she has never been involved in a romantic relationship,,She added
“The problem with men is they are after one thing and when they’re finished with you, they just move on. They have too much love and give it to too many women. That is why there are so many diseases. I’ve become strong and don’t get tempted.”



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