HARDY HILTON an artist from Cameroon

Hardy Hilton is a very talented Cameroonian landscape, wild life and portrait painter. His career, like most good careers started in a very unusual way. Hardy had moved from Cameroon to Belgium at the age of 16 in 2009, to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional football player. The football dream did not go as he had hoped so, Hardy put all his frustration and disappointment into drawing. He drew every member of his family and most football players. Hardy became more interested in the arts and his work got better and better. He could not afford art school tuition fees and like most people, he self taught himself from youtube videos after his normal school day and during weekends.
On December 2012, Hardy came across a man that will soon change his whole approach and concept as far as his work is concerned. Scott Christensen, an Australian seascape artist’s work intrigued Hardy so much so that, he spent 500 euros buying everything his icon used. Hardy tried to recreate most of Scott’s work which didn’t turn out the same but still he learned enormously from trying and it has helped developed him into the painter he is today.

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