Having faith and relying on God

Today’s food for our souls.
We are living in an age or in a world where many people depend or rely on their strength, their knowledge, their skills or ability to accomplish their goals. A number of such successes have made them think they can do it all by themselves. How many of us think or know that the successes we register in life are due to the power of Christ in us or are due to our dependence on Christ? How many of us offer our tasks and endeavors in God’s hands before engaging them?
The gospel of today’s liturgy(Lk 5:1-11) states it clearly to us that in Christ there is no failure and outside of Christ there is no success. Success here is not referring to worldly standards. Peter and the other fishermen had worked all night without registering any success or catch. Before this night, i am sure they had been registering some few successes, but this particular night was not the best. After encountering Jesus, He asked them to put out their nets again into the deep. Humanly speaking it would have been a waste of time bc they were just from the water without any success and that is why Peter said we worked hard all night long and caught nothing but if you say so, i will put out the nets. This led to a big catch and success that their nets began to tear forcing them to ask for help.
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, when Christ is our strength, we can accomplish even more than we can imagine. When we work with Him we can be sure of a ” big catch” of an enormous success in all we do. When we lean on Christ, failure( not according to the world) would not be our portion. To lean on christ we must be humble and obedient to his promptings. If Peter didnt obey he would not have got the big catch. When we humble ourselves and seek Christ in all we do we can be sure of an abundant flow of blessings and successes. Let us not depend on our strength but on the Strength of Christ in us. When you are down to nothing, God is upto everything for you.
May God be your Strength. Amen
Rev Patrick M.


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