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The Alago song is an afro-pop sensation by the Hot Music Group family, an uprising Anglophone Cameroon record label based in Buea.

Alago which is an original inspiration of the brand (CROSSY) above was produced by No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment/X M Music best producer, PhillBillBeatz coupled with the diversed lyrical power.

PhillBillBeatz who is a producer put in his best to come out the instrumentals for Alago on a hit making basis, which is the idea of the brand, CROSSY from which he has ever had in mind to spearhead through the Cameroonian Music industry. Having the idea of hit making he decided to collaborate with the record label No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment with the energy and zeal to breakthrough. Continue reading


Everyone is cheating in relationships these days

It’s 5:30 am, and your alarm goes off. You open your eyes, and your mind starts racing. Meetings, conference calls and project deadlines all loom. Why is there always so much to do and never enough time to get it done? You grab your phone and scroll through your notifications as you walk into the shower, half awake. Knowing she’s not up, you send her a text message: “Good morning, baby. I hope you have a wonderful day.” This text serves as two reminders: You want her to know she’s the first thing on your mind.

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Priest and reverend sister marry in Cameroon


Rev. Emmanuel King Ankiambom was once a priest of the Catholic Church, and an erstwhile reverend sister of the same Church, Hycinthia Timbong, on August 22nd got married after renouncing their celibate vows and priesthood in the church.

The solemn ceremony took place in a Catholic Parish – Njimafor Parish in the neighborhood of Bamenda, North West region to the shock of witnesses who could not believe their eyes.

According to reports, the two had fallen in love ever before answering the call to ministry but were both separated during training in the early years of their service.

However, after serving for some years locally, Ankiambom was sent for further studies in Rome where he reunited with Timbong who was already serving at the Vatican at the time. Continue reading

Do cats and dogs go to heaven?


wpid-2015724204014.jpgwpid-2015724203957.jpg my cat Sophie

Animals have souls–and so do plants. Does this answer sound like something out of the New Age movement? Don’t worry–it isn’t. Rest assured we’re not saying animals and plants have souls like ours.

The soul is the principle of life. Since animals and plants are living things, they have souls, but not in the sense in which human beings have souls. Our souls are rational–theirs aren’t–and ours are rational because they’re spiritual, not material.

Animals and plants can’t do anything which transcends the limitations of matter. Although some animals seem clever, they don’t actually possess conceptional intelligence. They can’t, for instance, conceive of the abstract notion of justice.

Animals and plants also lack a moral sense. When you scold Spot for chewing the carpet and tell him what he did was “wrong,” you aren’t assigning guilt of sin to him, since he can’t commit a sin.

Animal and vegetable souls are dependent entirely on matter for their operation and being. They cease to exist at death. (There’s no “doggie heaven.”) SO there is no KItty heaven 😦

Human souls, by contrast, aren’t material. They’re spiritual. Only a spirit can know and love, a spirit’s two chief faculties being the intellect (which knows) and the will (which loves). We know human souls are spiritual since humans can know and love.

We also know human souls are immortal because spirits can’t decompose. They have no parts: Only a thing with parts can fall apart. A spirit is a unit. It has no top or bottom, no left or right, no inside or outside.

Every bit of matter, even the smallest, has parts. The human body can decompose–it’s made of matter, after all–but the human soul can’t. That’s why we say it’s immortal.

A good discussion of the differences between human beings and animals is available in Mortimer Adler’s The Difference of Man and the Difference it Makes.

Culled from Catholic.COM

Watch the trailer for “Rejected” a movie by Kang Quintus

Sahndra slays in her role (as usual).
The trailer of the most anticipated film REJECTED is finally out. The movie is produced by Quinsia Films and Directed by Kang Quintus. This movie features  Kang Quintus (Kum) as lead actor, John Dumelo (pastor), Sahndra Fon Dufe (Kum’s cousin), Donald Imm (mail man) etc.
The trailer is a sneak peek to a very emotional, sad and yet entertaining story of Kum who was denied asylum in the USA. He was later diagnosed with Cancer and was Rejected by everyone.
The KB team thinks this movie deserves an award for best cinematography at the OSCARS.
Get your boxes of tissues guys rejected premieres on OCT 24, 2015 @AMC Theatres Largo, 800 Shoppers Way, Largo MD 20770

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For better or For Divorce ; Ghanaian actress divorces husband 4 days after nuptials

Ghanaian actress explains why she divorced husband 4 days after wedding(Photo)

Popular Ghanaian Actress Rose Mensah, a.k.a Kyeiwaa, has confirmed that she divorced her husband of four days after she found out he was married with kids.

The man in question is Daniel Osei, the Kumasi-based Spare Parts dealer popularly known as American Man.He rented a crowd to attend the wedding and told his wife the pictures from the wedding were for a movie .The 52 year old actress confirmed the divorce in an interview with Accra-based Kasapa FM,

“I have never liked married men. He was not truthful; so when i realized he had a wife, i decided to exit.”

She said she ignored claims of his infidelity because she thought they were untrue .She continued

“I still gave him the benefit of doubt. I still did not want to believe it was true that he had a wife. I thought I was going to benefit from the negative PR. But it turned out days later that everything people were saying was the truth.”“He did not show any sign that he had a wife. We dated for a year. I trusted him but he chose to betray me. He is very cunning. The way he is, he can easily get you to fall for him. I met him on the streets of Kumasi. I knew he had a child but he assured me that he had not engaged her. So it came to me as a shock that he had actually married her legally,” Kyeiwaa narrated.