1:1 with Make up artist Marienette Mario

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Given the way Cameroon is today, it is  very difficult to get a job, especially a government job, people have been forced to find different means of making ends meet. People have started to look more at the media and entertainment industry or into fields of employment which would have been unthinkable in the past. Because the entertainment business in Cameroon is growing, people have become creative in fields associated with it.

The media and entertainment industry is opening careers which were not looked as serious profession in the past. Jobs like being a make-up artist is an example. This is because private TV stations and private Media houses are helping to create job for make-up artist, beauty consultance, hairstylist, seamtress, fashion models, actors, actress, graphic designers e.t.c. The irony about this is that, most of those in this fields are high school and university graduates who came out with degrees in an entirely different field.

I had the privilege to do an interview with one of Cameroon’s make-up artist. She’s worked with several famous models, singer, actors and actresses in #237.



I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy, business life style, to sit down with me.

Hahahaha, oh! My gosh, grandfrere, the privilege is mine, hahahaha, your are the bigger picture…. Ok, so are you ready for the interview? Oh yes as ready as the word.

Q.. So first could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Marinette AKA Mario, a proud Cameroonian, i am 29 years old, a Bsc holder and a proud Mother to a beautiful daughter. I am from the southwest region specifically a bakweri/bayangi by tribe. I am the second child out of five.

I  moved some months ago to the UAE to meet my fiance and embrace another new lifestyle of which am eager to keep exploring. I am a lover of fashion, creative arts and  music. i am a creativity lover in general and find interest in researching, new cultures and peoples, work of arts, history, travelling, exploring and reading. I also find happiness in nature.

I am the strict looking girl in appearance who is very soft, funny and very active. I work as a beautician and make-up artist in cameroon and I still continue in the UAE as part time because my MAKE-UP ARTISTRY  could not meet the required timings of my new job. But I try to operate 12hrs maximum since I like
discovery of new trends and brands.

When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

creativity is inborn in me from a tender age, I knew how to do so many things on my own for example i could draw perfectly, design cloths, carve things, paint and I loved to do research at times on everything and put it in practice.

I always tried to combine nature with my everyday life and study beauty at my leisure time. As I grew up I was interested in beauty products which beautifies the skin and as a girl who loves fashion and beauty. i loved putting what I learnt into practice for myself and it worked out perfectly.

What prompted you to this career?

Oh this is what is interesting.  A friend of mine, who is a make-up artist, met me one day and asked, to know where i did my make-up. I told her i did it myself, she was like shocked, I mean speechless . she advice me to start up as a make-up artist since she knew I was the creative type. she said I should think about it.

At that time make-up wasn’t trending in Cameroon. Only 1/4 of the population knew about it. I was resistant about it because I didnt know how other girls would recieve the new era but after I did research on it, I kicked off.

I  was fast in learning because I was creative and secondly I had a good teacher, shout out to Mrs Hariette Nabola Ako @ Miss blizzers  she is a make-up artist and a blogger. she was my teacher who took out her time to teach me what I know today in Make-up Artistry that  I didn’t learn in a make-up school.

What are your favorite products of beauty or make up products?

My favourite beauty products are the skin moisturizer with high SPF above 30, I love my facial cleansers, Anti Ageing creams

but to be specific about my own beauty products i cant do without since i suffer alot from acne and post acne scarring I am careful with what i use, so i love bareminerals foundation or make-up forever, MAC matyfing powder, inglot gel liner , NAKED Nude palette eyeshadows, MAC cocoa blush and MAC nude lipsticks


Any tips on how girls can achieve a look that is both cool and parent friendly?
As a make-up artist my beauty products will be my eyebrow pencils/powders, my pore refiners, my foundation, nude shades of eyeshadows,lipsticks and blushes, my voluminizing mascara and a gel liner.
firstly know how to use your foundations and its an important item in Make-up. Why? because if u wan to achieve a flawless look u have to use a foundation at the base, heres the trick with foundations use ur skin match thats not too light and not too dark for your skin, secondly if u have acne, pimples , scars or blemishes use a cream stick foundation while if u have a smooth blemish free face you can use the liquid foundation.

secondly your mattyfing powder is essential for a cool flawless look and it works alongside the foundation. thirdly your eyebrows are important too and the best trends for eyebrows now are threading or waxing to shave the brows and I advice ladies to use a brown brow pencil according to your skin colour as well as a brow powder to fill up the brow.

NO red pencils, black pencils or purple pencilled to fill up your brows. secondly do your brows according to the shape of your face. let your brows look natural with angles not too sharp at the arch and all the drama with the concealers which shows on pictures.

I also believe natural make-up is the best because it enhances your natural beauty best. A natural blush is also good for that day to day  fresh look as well as a nude lipstick, something soft and skin toned, a voluminising mascara too will make your eyelashes pop if your are not wearing false lashes and a liquid liner or gel liner or black eye khol pencil to liner your eyes and water lines will define your eyes perfectly and so I know they are many others but this is what is see as a necessity for a daily flawless look.

What three make up items should no woman leave home without?

yeah for me, I believe as a woman of fashion and beauty you who wears make-up, you shouldn’t leave home without your cream to powder foundation if you have or face powder depending on your skin, if your have scars , acne, blemishes then I think you must carry a cream to powder foundation in your back while is your face is free from blemishes and acne you must still carry a face matte powder or blotting powder.

Secondly don’t leave home without your browser pencils and lastly a nude lipstick, lip gloss should always be present in your bag. in a nutshell I carry along face powder, eyebrow pencil and a nude lip gloss/lip stick


What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
My biggest challenge in Make-up artistry has been to be at the top of my skills. New products and brands are coming out daily as well as techniques and in Make-up you learn everyday. There are so many make-up artist out there competing for jobs so if your know excellent products and techniques, I believe you are at the top of your game, so I work restlessly on techniques especially to top up my skills, so that I can to do all kinds and types of makeup.


Who do u mostly work with, youths I mean girls of ages 18 and above or any age?
Yeah, I have work with all ages little brides of 4 years old  to old women above 60. But I job mostly falls under the range from 18-40years.


Any big name celebrity in Cameroon who you have worked on?
Well, I have worked with rising models like Fatima Rodriguez and designer Julliet from J&L fashions. Also due to my travelling out, I missed alot a celebs which I was to do their makeovers but am sure when am back I will definitely get them.
 Fatima rodriguez, a rising model in cameroon.
Any celebrity in mind you’d kill to do his or her make-up?

With smiles, I will kill to do makeovers for all the celebrities in Cameroon especially those from the fashion, movie and music industry because that is where the spotlight is now in Cameroon. Hmmm, to be specific I will like to work on Syndy Emade’s face, since she has worked with many other make-up artists espcially from Cameroon , I want to know how my own arts looks on her too. lol


What is one thing that any one can do to be their most beautiful selves?

This is very important in beauty. It’s not only make-up which beautifies you. As a woman we have to beautify ourselves even before the make-up.

It works  for me perfectly and I always advice other women same on it.  AVOID STRESS. Stress is the number one beauty satan.

If you are stress out it would show on your face and no matter what beauty products you are using it won’t bright on you until the stress is gone, that is why I advice my brides not to stress up before their weddings and models before shoot because sometimes its so bad and we start seeing acne or pimples popping out from a clear skin. So deal with stress and you will be at your most beautiful.

There are other things that can add more beauty to your skin light hydrating your skin that is to drink a lot of water daily, detoxify your system especially with vitamin C and other fruits, beauty rest, exfoliate your skin too and lastly pamper your skin, why no go for a massage or to a spa!


13. What’s your zodiac sign?
My zodiac sign is Gemini, that the twin Symbol sometimes is call it the “the fake with the real”. I know we are the best people!! .I know for a fact we possess sharp intellect and we are sociable, cheerful,tactful you can name the rest although we can be lazy sometimes hahahaha
I am also a Gemini.
Oh! Really!
i now see where your talents are coming from.
Do you have a favorite dish? If yes what is it?
yes I have a favourite dishes Kwacoco bible, Fufu and Eru, Kokibeans as well as rice and stew on Christmas day only!!

Any guilty pleasure?

hmm Guilty Pleasure. I like watching world discoveries on you tube like everyday.


Lastly what advice will give to Cameroonian in the diaspora on beauty?
I love advice! and love advising too. Cameroonians abroad are exposed more to make-up and fashion than the ones home.

So my advice to them is to be choosing the right products for your make-up as well as your skin. we are exposed to different weathers and climate abroad so change your make-up seasonally that is switch your fomulars during spring, summer, winter whatever climate you have if it is summer your wear waterproofs “mascaras with light coats as well water proof liners”, and in winter you can wear the creamy shadows, blushes , bronzers and liners.

Avoid creamy formulas for foundation during summers in order for them not to melt out use the make-up instead while in winter you can use the creamy formulas to hydrate your skin and Furthermore,you have to switch foundations according to seasons because we experience colour complexion changes during seasons from fairer to darker or vice versa. so we cannot wear same foundation all year round. Secondly test make-up on your skin, you cannot assume your shade by looking at it from the bottle most make-up do oxidize on the surface of the skin and so looks different when applied.

Also upgrade your make-up items that is try out different brands do not stick on one brand all the time, prime your skin before make-up applications and remove make-up before bed time not only by using face wipes , use deep pore cleansers and night repair creams too to totally get it out of your face in order not to break out. That just the few important advice I can give for those abroad.


A word to your customers or the people who write this interview?

Yes I will always have words for customers , friends and well wishers . First of all I want to thank God almighty for making my dreams came true, blessing me with gifts and for giving me so many great talents to explore.

Secondly I want to thank Big Vallycool a big brother and a friend to me for taking out time to chat with me and put me on the spotlight, more grease to his elbows for his good works.

Finally , I want to thank my customers and friends and most of all my Fiance, who are always there to support me, correct me, criticize me for the right reasons and also inspire me with their demands everyday. I say THANKS TO YOU ALL and LOTS OF LOVE from MOI. feel free to contact me anytime for advice and chats or talks. You follow me on Facebook Marinette Mario.


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