Model C.N. dishes on first bikin photoshoot, beauty regimen and growing up Catholic

Cameroonian model C.N. gives an inside scoop into her lifestyle and beauty routine.

Exclusive interview with Miss. C N. by VallyCool

Q1……. Tell us about yourself? …… Uh! Hmm, that’s a tough question…. ..hail from Bafut, Bamenda CMR. I am the 2nd of five kids. Four girls….lol….and a boy. I reside in Dallas, TX with my family. My Dad is a recently retired Colonel of the Cameroon Marine forces. I come from an artistically inclined family….everybody is a great lover of arts. I was raised Catholic. I am family oriented. In a nutshell, I am calm and collected……. Lol.

Q2…..why do you choose to do fashion modeling? Why are you interested in this career?……… hmm! It’s the only thing that makes me happy, it has always been my passion(fashion and music). As a child, I remember always flipping through fashion magazines like “Amina” and seeing all these beautiful women and telling my self ‘ I can do that’…..

Q3….Tell us about your education. Have u attended fashion modeling school or courses?…….. I attended quite a handful of primary and secondary schools…. Lol, so strange right!…ya’  but my most pleasurable and memorable are saint Francis College Fiango-Kumba and lycee Bilingual de Bonaberi Douala. I am très bilingual… I made great friends, great relationships and timeless memories. I attended Richland Community College Dallas, TX and Platt college of Nursing Dallas, TX. I didn’t take any modeling courses. It just came from within.. I changed my major to computer science. What a big relief…. I wasn’t really into nursing….

Q4….What are your golds as a fashion model?…. I think It’s important to be authentic in the most competitive way.  To be very successful in all my artistic ventures. To be a fitting model, you know fitting model, is a model who works with fashion designers and/or clothing manufacturer. To be a business woman owner of a super model industry. Lol, I will keep pushing through those doors, doing what it takes and working hard in order to attain my objective. It is a rough ride, but I am not ready to stop. I will only stop when I am weary, feeble and frail…hahaha… to the point that I can no longer carry on.

Q5….where are your favorite places to shop? And what piece of clothing in your  closet could you not live without?…… I love to shop at Dillard, Macy, Nordstrom, Zara, H&M, BeBe, Victoria secret, BCBG Ross and on  just everywhere that I can see any that I like

Q6……. You look so healthy, do u eat nutritiously? How often do u you exercise or gym to the gym?……… Typically, during  summer, I run five times a week. I cut off all carbs and sugars. Protein and fiber only. I make my own smoothies and drink’em as my snacks when o get hungry, I eat oatmeal or fibre cereal for breakfast, but I have days that I break by law…hahaha….I call it ” me cheat dayz” lol…which is once every two weeks, where I splurge on chocolate, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Sometimes, I can’t wait for that 2 dayz to reach, I get so excited like a kid lol.. I often schedule it for Saturday, so I can relax and eat at home all day lol crazy! During winter, I get lazy, I workout 2-3 dayz a week to no dayz at all, but I stay strict as to what I eat.

Q7….. In addition to modeling, what other things do u to?…… I am a nurse and I just changed my major. What a big relief! …..hahaha. I also coach my kid sister ‘Eugenie Nforbinson’. She is a Dancer/Singer/Actress and coupled with that,I do music, which is in works.

Q8…..Are you advertising for any clothing boutique or line?….. No! But that’s one of my biggest wish. I will be smiling everyday….. Lol

Q9…. Who are your style icons?    Mmm! My style icon is Kim K. and I also love some of her pieces Nicole Richie..

Q10…. How tall are your?……5f 10inches…….Yikes!

Q11… How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration from? ……… I love Glamour. I am very feminine. I pull inspiration from Joan Colins, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Mary J Blige and Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell.

Q12….what’s your Zodiac sign?…… Scorpio.

Q13……. Do you have any guilty pleasure?…..  Chocolate and Ice-Cream. I cant live without it. Its crazy lol

Q14……. What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?…….. Boho is my favorite fashion trend also wearing scarves and I also love high-waisted  Anything.

Q15……….Do you ever get shy in front of the camera ?……When I’m in the dressing room, i do get nervous and start having goosebumps, but when the camera comes on, I let loose.

Q16……… What are your plans if you make?….. Firstly, I’ll give my Mum the world. She’s my foundation. She’s a very strong woman n i admire that alot. My siblings and i, wouldn’t have been here without her. She’s d pillar of my family.
2ndly, the kids all over the world. The hungry,  the poor, the thirsty. Talk about sexually abused young girls, i do have an urge and quest 2 be their voice. Most often,  i do sit back n think about the young girls in my village, who do not hv monthly sanitary pads, but do hv 2 go 2 skul everyday, n also perform their daily activities. I hv witnessed what they do use as sanitary pads n it breaks n kills me. I do tell my sisters sumtimes ‘Guys! We gotta do sumthg. Anything.

Q17…..How does your plans help to change the world?……..Hahahahaaa dats a tough one. I can’t change d world on my own, but togeda, we can.

Q18……… What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?………. Success! I wanna be successful in what i do. I wanna reach those heights that, no one has ever reached. I wanna be happily established in everything dat i do, n i don’t wanna ever get tired lol. Seriously, i don’t. I just wanna keep working hard till I’m weary, frail n feeble, 2 d point dat i can no longer carry on. Nothing’s stopping me.

Q19……..What is the most difficult thing you had endured in your career?………. I rem doing this bikini shoot year ago. During hair n make up,  i kept thinking “how am i gonna pull dis off?” I was so terrified  i kept drinking water to help me cool off lol, water didn’t do the magic. Next, i asked 4 a hot pop song 2 help JumpStart my energy, dat too didn’t do d trick lol. Den i told myself, if anybody can do it, i can do it. When mkup n hair was over, @ dat point i knew i had no choice cos every1 was waiting on me. I Tuk off my robe,  n there were about close to 10 pple,  just standg there n starring at me. My palms were sweating n my heart was racing so fast,  but i had no choice, i had 2 do it. I gathered myself n bravely walked pass’em ‘cos u don’t wanna give dem d impression dat, u don’t know what ure doing n dat ure not up2 d task”, as i walked pass n stood infront of d camera, it was so uncom4table @ 1st,  but after a couple of flicks, i then started flipping my hair 4rm Left n right lol n dat had every1 laughing out loud.

It was tremendously nerve wracking, but an amazing experience. Also last yr summer, ‘thru my then, makeup artist’ i got to play extra and help out behind d scenes of an independent American movie ‘A Christmas Promise’ dat was suppose 2 air on lifetime movie networks.  There, i met dis man n woman dat looked so finely perfect n soooo familiar. Thruout,  i kept starring at dem while asking myself ‘Wusai i don c dis man n dis woman eyy??” Lol Cos dey looked sooooo familiar but i cldnt place my finger on it, as 2 where i had seen dem. Thruout this time, it didn’t still occur 2 me dat, dat was Charisma Carpenter from d movie “the expendables n Patrick Muldoon. Then, i cornered my mkup artist n asked.. n she replied That’s Charisma! Charisma Carpenter from the expendables n dat left me in awe. Then, she gave me a rundown,  of all of Charisma n Patrick’s movies both on TV shows n on d big screen. That was a terrifying, yet amazing mind blowing, experience, 2 witness these talented Hollywood actors, practice lines in front of u,  change wardrobes for diff scenes, the camera crew……n all dat goes on set of a huge movie production. I had fun….n the Actors themselves were soooo cool.

Q20……..Any celeb. Crushes, or are u in a relationship?……….  Hahaha No celeb crushes (Smiling). I’m in a relationship n I have never been this happy.

Q21….Do you have some other hidden talent?……… I sing, n nobody knows dat i sing lol. Ihve been singing since i was 9, in the choir n anywhere any1 could hear me sing. Thats my passion. Presently, I’m in the church choir. My biggest work now is, taking it out on a professional level which is still in the works. Can’t wait……. (Smiles…

Q22…. How do you keep your face so clean and pretty, what products do you use?…… I use Cetaphil every night and wash my face alot and drink alot of water and eat good food. I use perfect skin.

Q23….what would be your dream modeling job? …….. Hmmm! My dream modeling job would be for a Gucci and Valentino designer or a huge place like channel..hahaha….. Why opening your eyes and mouth…u are funny……


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