Help out! Sick Cameroonian woman. A fight for Esther’s Life

A fight for Esther’s Life

On August 8th, my dear friend Esther went to the emergency room because she felt very weak and had almost fainted at home. Esther had been having what she thought was prolonged periods for a few months but the bleeding had become excessive in the week prior. In the ER she was found to have a hemoglobin of 6mg/dl and an exam revealed a large mass on her cervix.

She was told that she most likely has cervical cancer and more tests and exams revealed that she had a 7cm mass confined to her cervix. A mirage of tests, exams and biopsies revealed that she has Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the cervix, stage 3a. She was told that the immediate treatment would include a weekly dose of sensitizing chemotherapy in conjunction with 25 days of radiation.

Radiation was started immediately and she received a total of 6 days of radiation, but she received none of the very important sensitizing chemotherapy because she had no money to pay for it. On August 19th, after applying to Medicaid and several other cancer funds for coverage and being turned down, the hospital financial officers told her that she needs to pay $5000 down before they can give her chemo and continue radiation. Because she did not have the money nor does she have insurance, Esther’s treatment was withheld and she was sent home.

This is literally the fight for Esther’s life. Without this treatment she will die.

Esther has worked hard all her life. She is the backbone of her family. She has worked harder than most people I know and she does it with a smile on her face. She put herself through pharmacy school while raising three children and taking care of a sick husband. A few years ago she had spinal cord surgery and was almost paralyzed and had to undergo months of physical therapy to re-learn how to walk. During that same period of time her husband took a turn for the worse and his kidney failed and he has been on dialysis ever since. In the mist of all this, her oldest son lost his voice due to some growths on his vocal cords and has undergone several surgeries just so he can breathe. Esther gave up taking care of herself because she had to take care of everybody else.

Esther’s dream was to open her own pharmacy and be her own boss and the last few years she saved money and in April of this year she left her reliable job and benefits behind and used all her savings plus a loan to open her own pharmacy. She never predicted the turn of events that was about to occur. She told me that for 4 whole weeks she sat in that pharmacy and not one person came in even just to say ‘Hi”. The pharmacy has been opened for 4 months and she has averaged about 2 customers a week. She is drained. Her credit cards are maxed out, her utilities are being shut off, her 20yr old had to withdraw from college, her mortgage is in the red and now they have stopped her cancer treatment. This is as bad as it gets. This fight is for life or death! Please join me let’s fight for Esther’s life. Her 3 children, 20, 15 and 13 need her to be around. Her husband who is on dialysis is too sick to support her. This family needs a miracle.

There are 4 ways you can support this family

1. Pray: This family needs a miracle. I believe in the power of prayer, so please say a prayer or two.

2. Donate: No amount is too small. Esther needs to put down $5000 in order to continue chemo and radiation, so anything will be very much appreciated. Your donations will go to help pay medical bills, get the family back on their feet and start a savings account for the children because neither Esther nor her husband have life insurance.

3. Share Esther’s story, with your kids, your family, your coworkers, your colleagues, your community, your neighbors, your friends, your social network, your clients or your customers, you get the idea! Together we can change this family’s future and the future of many families.
4. Don’t take your health for granted. Good health is a privilege. Quit taking the one body you’ve been blessed with for granted. Schedule an appointment and get your regular check. Ladies, get your regular pap smears and lets all work together to make sure not one more woman gets this disease. Get insured!!! Get health, disability and life insurance, today! You don’t know what the future will bring so please do not procastinate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of Esther’s Miracle team!!


Fri Mofor-Eta


One thought on “Help out! Sick Cameroonian woman. A fight for Esther’s Life

  1. Health is a miracle. I would like to share that you look into this on what am saying. Maybe write an article upon researching.
    there are lots of ethnic minority women who are going through aliments in regards to the reproductive area.
    In as much we don’t forget our prayers here are some steps to take.
    Organic food is very necessary avoid processed food at all cost.
    Takeaways kebabs,KFC, McDonald, puff puff, deep frying transcend fat. These things should be a treat not a weekly or daily consumption.
    Less of Non package foods.
    Daily have a fruit salad, salad, have a meal more alkaline and nuts.
    Eat more of white meat, fish and less red meat. Highly season with ginger and other spices. And garnish your food with these spices.
    Such as in a week eat only white meat /fish/ for two days treat yourself with red meat on Sunday. giving two days free. Men suffer from gout women suffer differently esp above.
    when you cook your meat or chicken especially in the diaspora, par boil and throw away the water. then add water and spices and cook. Preferably cook as per grill only.
    Cook with coconut oil
    Get coconut water and even mbanga.
    Drink lots of water, get an infuse bottle, parsley,strawberry and kiwi.
    Eat apple daily.

    Treat yourself, frivolous things once a month, gym membership, swimming classes, something you look forward to doing weekly, a date night for yourself

    how about those in places such as Africa. Other than incorporating the above.
    Avoid toxic environment love yourself and meditate on love God has for you.
    once you love yourself you able to share love to others.
    Don’t be hard on yourself and be confident you are taken care of.
    Drink lots of water carry water bottles.
    Dinner should not include fish, it should be white meat ease digestion. Avoid puff, bread, margarine, these should be treats.

    Above all have faith and vision you are well always. Heed to the prompting on what to eat and not to eat. Take communion daily focus on Jesus Christ and not the opinion of doom and gloom naysayers no matter the cloth they wear speak life into your own life.
    God’s opinion of you is GOOD.
    God bless Esther

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