The face behind kinnaka blog Miss Kiki

Her blog introduced me to VallyCool’ blog.
She writes about lifestyle and verified kongossa LOL

Bandy Kiki, one of the bloggers I used to follow in my starting days of blogging and still following now because of her top-notch and trending tips.

In such a small period of time, she has made a big impact on Cameroon blogging, that her hard work is highly appreciable by me. Having a fun time conversation with her was one Best thing for me because she is a smart, eloquent, funny, happy and lovable human being.

You know being a friend with such an amazing person is self motivational.

I am feeling awesome to have you on my blog today, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my guess.
I know you have lived in England for quite sometime, so
Which do u prefer Africa or England and why?

I prefer Africa. It is home. People might be a bit poor but they are happier.

Best city in the world?

Glasgow is my fave city. Very friendly people there, restaurants, food, shops, streets, hotels

How do you regard your style…elegant or fabulous?

Fabulous i would like to think. Am often all about comfort though.

Favorite country you visited?

England, I love it here.

If u could travel, will u go forward or backward?

Backwards to my SAC days. Shoutout to all SAESANS especially from my batch lol.

Kim k or Beyonce?

Kim K. Beyonce trys to hard to be perfect. Find that disturbing as we all have flaws.

What biggest celebrity you would most like to have dinner with?

Marie Curie if she was alive. I love smart women. Wish she was on the other side of this table lol.. Make a no talk so see ghost hahaha.

Best part of your body?

I would say my lips. A million dollars insurance for it…. My lips as precious as you can imagine lol.

Are you Hot or sexy?

Neither just me. Or what do you think?
Me? I think you’re both. You look fantastic.
Thanks sir.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Read minds. I love getting into people’s head.

Best advice ever given?

Best advice i gave was to myself. Got me to start the blog.

Favorite food and favorite restaurant in England and Cameoon? Or favorite restaurant in the world?

I don’t have a favourite food. I change my mind a lot.
Hmm Avalanche would be my favourite restaurant. I love seafood and good customer service. They have the best of both.

Red wine or white wine?

White always. Everyone around me know that lol

How would you call your style of dressing?
Am all about fitting and comfort

Favorite colors?
Don’t have a fovourite colour. Change my mind often like i said lol

Thong or regular panties?

Trustworthy or untrustworthy?

Apart blogging what other career do you have?
I am a science university student. So still gearing up for other career.

Marital status? Married or single?

How can your fans follow you?

What’s your zodiac sign?


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