Meet LeRoi Capi De Londre who is a Cameroonian royal; rapper, designer, writer … the list goes on

Q1. Who are you your influence

TRM in the building
        Before i start, i will like to appreciate senior man: Vallycool Cool whom by the grace of God, have seen my talent and creativity, hence, trust in me. To this effect, he took his utmost time to grant me this interview directly from the USA,so you all can know who i am.
    I am a Cameroonian hip-hop Rap artist with a Jamaican root, Co-Founder, CEO, Rapper, songwriter, script w­riter, Designer, Marketer and etc @ TRM & The REAL MEN. I was born and bred in Victoria now called Limbe(Home Town). I am a born Prince from the Royal Family(Bangoulap)in the Western Region of Cameroon. I have brothers and sisters both home and abroad.
-I attended Catholic School,Gardens in Limbe ,where i had my First School Leaving Certificate.
Then,went to the National Comprehensive High School(NCHS),Limbe,where i obtained my O’Level Certificate(Grammar Education and a pass in English Language,lol) and A’level (Business Studies).To conclude with my educational career at the high school,I was the first Assistant Senior Prefect boy(ASP) in the History of the school.
Then,later went to the National Polytechnic Bambui (NPB), Bamenda.,where i obtained my Higher National Diploma(HND)in Marketing and a Bachelor Of Technology (Btech)in Marketing signed and sealed by the University Of Buea. To conclude with my educational career at the National Polytechnic Bambui (NPB),Bamenda,i was the first Mister Polytech(Model) in the history of the school.
-During my days as a kid,i never dreamt of being a superstar(Rapper), instead, my passion was to become a lawyer though i’m now a Marketer. It should be noted that my family (generation)…both from mum and dad,are traditional singers ,musicians  and designers. Thus,few of us have decided to take it to the next level by the grace of God.
I was part of a showbiz committee in France where i used my marketing skills to improve on my stuff,that is working with them and building myself. The was this spirit that keeps telling me to get a paper and start writing my music and films again. This was the glory of God(Destiny)which i couldn’t fight against. One day,i went to spend time with my girlfriend back then,she had this ream of papers,thus,i picked up one,and decided to write a song, hahaha,only God knew what happened,inspiration kept coming in to the point i had to get my phone to do most of the recording to later put down on paper work.
Owing to that,i am now who i am today. To God be the glory!

Q2. If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?
Lil Wayne,because he is creative and i appreciate his gesture on stage. I know others are better than him,but, i listen to him. lol
Q3. Who is your hero?
Mmmmhhh…i think my dad is…
Q4. What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
Pleasure is what everyone derived from consuming a product, hence, they will gain pleasure from my music because i do club music. If you find yourself dancing, therefore, you are happy. Thus…Pleasure
Q5. Is music a hobby or passion to you
Mmmmhhh…with due respect,i think…I’ll go for both ,because I’ve got the passion to listen to music and i go for action like a hobby,that’s doing the music thing,haha
Q6. When did you first start singing?
Oh yeah!
In 2004 init ,back then,i had a music group with some friends of mine,one is Camerazy who now belong to the SK-Boys in Nigeria. The group was getting serious,but had to collapse because during that period,we had to prepare our exams for entrance into form 5,and when we got to form 5,book,book,book had to separate us cus that was the reason for schooling and not a reason for music…lol
Now i know,destiny is not something we can fight against,no matter my passion for law while growing ,and which was the main reason why i left grammar education to business studies because i wanted to have the basic of Law before getting to the University.
By adding more flesh to the bones,the was this spirit always pushing me to get back into music,which i finally did in 2014(writing songs and try to record)
Q7. First song you ever sang?
Mmmmhhh…I’ll give credit to TRM‘’Look At Me’’ which is available on YouTube,i can’t remember the songs of 2004 but my first studio session in 2014,i recorded 5 songs which i didn’t release all due to some promotional reasons.
Q8. Any celebrity crushes?
Mmmmhhh…girls don’t be offended,yeah!its just a game, mmmmhhh…i think… Nicki Minaj is my crush and i know she has the same crush for me ,ha ha-ha
i just said the trust,so… stop judging! lol
Q9. What do u hope to do with your music?
Thanks for this opportunity,i intend to place my music in the best position in the minds of different target audiences(listeners)
Q10. What were u thinking about when this song rich life was developed?
Mmmmhhh…i think,working for the money worth spending it. Working hard,creating awareness of my clothing line and music,never went to bed before midnight,hence,Rich Life
Q11. What’s the most difficult thing you had to endure in life and music?
The most difficult thing is …not getting the right woman to spend the money with, hahaha(kidding)
Finance has always been the problem to solve my unlimited wants.
Music:studio sessions are very costly.
Q12. What are your plans is your make it?
Create good music, promote my clothing line, increase my market share and establish sales point all over the world. i think…its realizing because God is on my side(#Na #God #Win). Moreover, people from different countries are placing their orders online and its been delivered to them.
Q13. How does your plans help to change the world?
I’ll say my plans are helpful to the extend of reducing the rate of unemployment and granting pleasure,lol
Q14. When you were coming up which artist did you listen to for inspiration?
When i was growing up,Michael Jackson was the only artist i knew and which i practised to dance like him,but with no intention to become an artist one day.
But now,i listen to Lil Wayne,Rick Ross and others.
Q15. What do u hope to accomplish throughout your career?
Love and peace,because it’s more than the money and luxury one will have. lol
Q16..What is your secret craving?
God’s protection, Wisdom and Knowledge.
Q17…Zodiac sign : Lion, lol, if you know the characteristic of a lion, thus, i am
Q18 .Favorite color, food, cars, Colour? White, Ekwang(Cameroon Dish) ,Car. Maybach
Q19. Do u have a girlfriend?
Mmmmhhh…eh no go easy ooh…i don die…
Not being offensive to anyone, I’m SINGLE and ready to mingle ha ha-ha
Q20. Do u get shy in front of your audience?
let’s say yes they are pretty and sexy ladies,hahaha,but one on one,i will hypnotise them, hahaha i will say… NO, i don’t get shy when i go on stage to perform, once i touch my mic, the Holy Ghost is upon me…lol

Another interview from VallyCool

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