Maybelle Boma and Barr Moses get married years after falling in love in Form 1. Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Tell us about the “other” side of Maybelle Boma.
Maybelle Boma a wife, mother and a woman who loves God. That is the other side of Maybelle Boma.

How did your music career start?
I started singing in my school orchestra back home and my church choir in Dallas before releasing my first Gospel Album RESOBDEFA in 2002 in Houston.
What is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement is being able to win souls for Jesus despite my battles. There are many other things but I prefer to celebrate Jesus because, I am who I am today because of him.
Congratulations on your recent wedding. What attracted you to your husband? 
My husband has a heart of an angel. .Apart from Jesus, he is the only man who understands me.  I met my husband back in form one then It was PSS Batibo. It was love at first sight but we lost contact in form two because he transferred to PHS Kumba without even telling me lol until last year november on facebook.

Maybelle Boma and Husband (Barr Moses)

As someone who found love later in life, what do you have to say about the rush to get married by young African girls?

My advice to young people is to commit everything into the hands of God. Before my husband, I was engaged 3 times. I almost gave up but that inner voice in me, kept telling me to wait. Age is nothing but a number. When the right person comes, your 40years of age will become 20. Don’t rush. Seek the face of God in everything you do.
You went under “fire” for doing a post about a Cameroonian actress some time ago. Do you think Cameroonian bloggers might be limited to certain areas due to how their audience react?
As a blogger , I am only a publisher of stories. I got the gists from a prominent person in the industry and only published the story. I hate to offend people and if she felt disrespected, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart but again in the Entertainment industry bad publicity is good if you ask me sometimes. I am sure you have noticed most Cameroonians are new to Entertainment blogging. For now, I have decided to go where I am celebrated and not tolerated. Most Nollywood and Gollywood stars beg bloggers to publish their stories but in Cameroon you get attacked. I rest my case with our industry. Moving on to bigger and better things
Who is your favourite Cameroonian young celebrity? 
All of them are my favorite provided they humble themselves. When you are 20pages deep in Google, come to me and bluff. Don’t parade yourself as a celebrity because you feature in a movie or sang one song. I love them all because of what I see. They are all favorites including my enemies hahaha
What do you think are the short comings of Cameroon showbiz? 
We need and lack investors. We must learn to support our own especially companies like MTN, Guinness etc. Entertainers must cut their coat according to their size. We must learn to attract investors. When I organized the awards
with Anne Etoke, Cameroon Entertainment awards some of your artist felt they have arrive and did not want to participate but people like JMARTINS of Nigeria and Viviane Ndour of Senegal saw the vision and attended the event which was a huge success. Our people must learn to support our own. I thank God for people like producer/actor Agbor Gilbert Abot, Stanley Enow , Victor Vuyouh of Ninahs DOWRY, Ernest kanjo of Tiptop stars and Emmanuel Takusi for always supporting the industry.

Why do you take every problem affecting the nation as your problem?
First of all, I am Cameroonian, I will always support my country regardless of the situation. If someone of us does not speak, who will speak. Should I be selfish and use my platform only to promote Maybelle Boma? I am a starter and will always be a starter. Cameroon is my pride and joy and will crush anyone who tries to belittle my beautiful country. Cameroonians must unite and must protect and support each other. That’s why me and Inorie Fosto compose the song which has thousands of view on YouTube called Cameroon unite.

Favourite City in the world?
New York is my favourite city and secondly my village Santa lol.
Who is more talented, Jovi or Stanley Enow?
Stanley and Jovi are both extremely talented in their own unique ways. We can never chose or compare both of them. Their talents are extremely different. I love and appreciate both of them.
What advice do you have for young Cameroonians out there seeking a career in showbiz? 
They must stick with what they can do and not try to copy others. Be your self and follow your heart . Don’t try to blog because Maybelle Boma blogs. Don’t try to act because Solange Yijika, Sdney Emade or Solange Ojong acts. You Must find a platform that you are comfortable with and stick to it. Do it as a passion and leave the rest in the hands of God. Celebrity status will come at the right time. Make sure you aim at leaving a legacy rather than striving for self glorification.
Thanks for taking out time to do this, I really appreciate.
Thanks for talking with me and usually don’t grant interviews but I love your humbleness. May God continue to bless and favor you. Keep up the good work and watch out for my next big project by the grace of God. Maybelle Boma proud Cameroonian

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