A Cameroonian Wedding

Cameroonian wedding by MYDOUALA

Douala Women's International Group

We were invited to the wedding of  Zédou and Julie in Foumbot on Nov. 19, 2011.  Zédou (a branch manager of Advans Cameroon) and Julie are based in Yaoundé, but they both hail from Foumban and Foumbot (West Cameroon), hence the wedding ceremony was held there, 5 hours away by maniacal car-driving from Douala, where we are living. I say “maniacal” because that’s how Frank, my frustrated-Formula-1-driver of a husband, drives!

On Friday, we drove for 4 hours to Banjoun where we stayed at our friends’ house for the weekend. Our gracious hosts, Bart and Christine, welcomed us in their lovely home. It was my second visit to their house and each time, I’ve been impressed by how big yet cozy it is. Banjoun has a lovely cool climate and their garden is such a refreshing oasis of greens and a variety of colors from the different flowers that Christine…

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