Gustave Ebanda is the new mayor of Douala

Gustave Ebanda LRG

Since mid-day yesterday, August 5, 2015, the town of Douala 5 has a new mayor. Gustave Ebanda, formerly 1st Deputy, who was acting since the death of Françoise Foning last January, was elected by all the 59 voting members of the electoral college, formed in this case by the city council. The election was held at a hotel in Bonamoussadi neighborhood, in the presence of Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo, head of the delegation of the Central Committee of the CPDM and the prefect of the Wouri, Naseri Paul Bea, who presided over the sitting.

The media in the audience learn that 100% of votes obtained by Gustave Ebanda were following another election, internally organized in the ranks of the CPDM, earlier in the morning, and in another hotel. Because consensus could not be found – in fact, more than one person in this party aspired to replace Françoise Foning but nothing official has been said about the other or candidates. So, after the presentation of the candidate by the Ebanda Manjombè advise the Prefect asked three times a ritual question: “Will it another candidate? “. With no back of the room, he concluded this point by saying “Gone! “.

The first deputy mayor from each of five other assistants is up a notch, from 2nd to 6th. This last place is released, the most represented for the opposition party on the council, namely the SDF. Therefore a formality? Not at all like going to show the following. Elimbi Lobè Abel, president of the communal group Sdf the board proposed a candidate, Rémy Djeuga. But in the aftermath, his comrade Tapa advisor took the floor to propose “the candidate of the party”, namely Carlos Ngoualem.

After a few swirls in the room, the two candidates have passed the vote. Carlos Ngoualem won by 39 votes against 20, becoming the sixth deputy mayor. To return to the now mayor of Douala 5th, he made a commitment before the start of voting: “We will continue together. Douala 5th is a family (…) It is in this way that we will continue, for the well-being of our people. “


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