Deadly food outbreak in Moliwe, Limbe, Cameroon (3 confirmed dead)

3 family members dies in Moliwe after eating contaminated fufu corn. Very sad. May their Souls Rest In Peace.

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The victims, from the same family, died after eating poisoned food in near Limbe.

The people of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, Camp in Moliwe (near Limbe) in the South West Region are currently gnashing their teeth following the weekend deaths of three individuals from the same family. Eyewitness reports informed Cameroon Tribune that a grandmother, who was preparing food, mistook a chemical product used to fertilize plants for salt.
Two children and the grandmother died immediately after consuming the poisoned food.

Two other family members who ate the same food are now out of danger and are responding to treatment at the CDC Tiko Cottage Hospital.

Gendarme officers from Limbe are reported to have opened investigations. Meanwhile, it was a black weekend for the people of the South West Region as three persons are reported dead following a road accident near Musaka along the Buea-Kumba highway.
It should be recalled that on July 13, 2015, a mother, her daughter and nephew died shortly

after eating contaminated corn “fufu corn” in Mbalangi, a village in Mbonge Sub-division in Meme Division along the Kumba–Buea highway.

According to family members, Janette Cheche (aged 59), was found dead at her doorstep at 10 pm, her daughter Lilian Lanji (aged 40) died at 10:30 pm as she was being transported to a nearby clinic in the village. Her 40 year–old–nephew, Eric Sembe, who was making phone calls to the other relatives about the unfortunate incident, suddenly collapsed near the village clinic and died. Investigations are ongoing.

From Cameroon Tribune


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