End of the world. Witch doctor sexually assaults 11 year old girl, to cleanse her from evil spirits

Stories like this make my skin crawl


A so-called voodoo priest has been arrested by police in Florida for defiling an 11 year old girl.

The girl was brought to him by her mother, after he had convinced her that the girl was evil and needed to cleansed.

When they arrived at his house, he kept the mom inside whilst he took the girl to a shed in the back garden, according to The Mirror.

There, he had carnal knowledge of her, then gave her money to shut up.

The girl told her mom what had happened, but on confronting the juju man he told her she would die if she ever told anyone. So she kept mute for five years, afraid that telling anyone would unleash some dark powers on her: before mustering up courage to report the abuse last year

Police then went to arrest Brogenet Cinor, 48, and has charged him with sexual battery on a child. Investigations has revealed a few other victims, all of whom he threatened with death if they told anyone.

Really really sad. To the person who finally reported this man for his sick sick self; you are brave.


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