Stanley Enow and Dynastie le Tigre caught up in a murder case.

RIP Gaelle Meye.


According to CamerBe

The web is abuzz on this rumour. On social networks and other online news sites, we only speak of this. For some it is just a rumor to tarnish the image of Stanley Enow and Dynastie Le Tigre. But for many other Internet users, must be given credit for what has been circulating for a few days on the net. Namely, the involvement of these two artists musicians in the death of Tatiana Gaëlle Meye Medjo. A student in economics department at the University of Yaounde II Soa-killed in the night of 22 to 23 June.

According to what is reported on the ground, the girl would have been murdered as a result of a “Chilling” evening program with, alcohol, drugs and sex at will. An evening that is not the first of its kind and is organized on the social network WhatsApp, across the group the “Golden Group Whatsap” including Dynastie Le Tigre and Stanley Enow are presented as the two directors. Gaëlle Tatiana Meye Medjo refused a picnic at one of the participants on this evening.
That his tormentor was not supported and would have taken away his life while she was returning to the family home located at Youth neighborhood in Yaounde. Since then, speculation arife. Not only on the involvement of two rappers, but also on their hearing by the judicial authorities. What Stanley denies outright: “I have been heard by anyone. Except my father called me to know what is happening, “says Stanley Enow last Tuesday during the press conference he held in Douala. And on the Golden Group Whatsap which he is cited as co-director, “is a non-event. I do not know this group. I am in any group except the Motherland Head Office where I am with Tiger, Didier Martin. And when we talk about music, “suggests the author of the bestselling title” Hien pere. ” So, “I do not recognize myself in this rumor. I do not recognize myself in this group of history. I do not recognize myself in the death of this young girl, “said the rapper. Who said that he was absent from Cameroon when the incident occurred.
“I would like you to believe Stanley word when he told you he was in London with the Guinness brand which he is the ambassador. This is a very respected brand and I think they would not let Stanley lie he was in London with them. Otherwise, they would have already made an exit, “argues Didier Kouamo, the manager of the rapper when a reporter asks the evidence of this shift. To believe Stanley Enow, Dynastie and her friends are not just co-workers.

“We did a whole that’s all. I recorded my part in Douala, Yaoundé him. We just saw for the video shoot. We just have a professional relationship, “defends the King Kong. Until that light be shed on this story, Stanley Enow is expected at the White House in the United States on 17 September. But before, that is to say from August, it will tour in four US states with other artists. He is also nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards (Mama), in the category Best Collaboration.

Additionally, Stanley has put out a press statement refusing any involvment in this. read what he wrote

“Good day dear all.

Due to the increasing and reoccurring usage of my image and my name by ill intended people in an attempt to jeorpadise my career, I call on you all to be more vigilant.

I hereby confirm having only ONE Facebook artist page which is STANLEY ENOW OFFICIAL, a verified account by Facebook with the blue tick. ONE personal account which is STANLEY ENOW and which has already reached its 5000 friends limit. ALL other accounts in my name are FAKE created for ill purpose.

Information has been provided to my staff and I evidencing the use of the name STANLEY ENOW on the instant messaging mobile application, WhatsApp, in order to deform my character.

I firmly request these individuals to stop this act with immediate effect and I reserve the right to take legal action regarding any prejudice that my character might suffer.

I will like to bring to your knowledge that I am not in any way be it directly or indirectly involved in whatever controversy resulting from the fraudulent usage of my name and image.

Thank you

Stanley Enow”

“The bigger the money, the bigger the problems” was his reaction on Twitter.


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