French President to visit Cameroon and have diplomatic talks with President Biya

This meeting will last 5 hours. If it is true, could they schedule a phone conversation, gotomeeting, google chat, skype etc and donate that travel allowance to poor children of Cameroon.

According to Jeunesse Culturelle

De sources introduites et sauf changement, le président français arrive à Yaoundé le 3 juillet à 17h et s’en retourne à 22h. Alternance, révision constitutionnelle, Cour constitutionnelle, coopération économique, accords de défense, remaniement ministériel, collaboration judiciaire… au menu du tête-à-tête avec Paul Biya.

Inside sources introduced and except change, the French President arrives Yaoundé on 3 July at 17 pm and goes back to 22 h. Talks will be centered on; Constitutional Review, Constitutional Court, economic cooperation, defence agreements, reshuffle, collaboration judiciaire… On the menu with the heart to heart talk with Paul Biya.


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