Nathalie Koah emphatizes with Miss Zimbabwe over leaked photos.

Nathalie has been there so she know how much hurt it can be. My heart goes out to Miss Zimbabwe.

Force et courage à la miss Zimbabwe dans la difficile épreuve qu’elle traverse !

Il n’y a pas de mot pour expliquer la barbarie de cet acte horrible. Aucune femme ne merite d’avoir sa nudite étalée de la sorte sur la place publique.

Elle a et aura besoin de soutien pour surmonter cela, y compris de celui des inconnus que nous sommes.

Petit conseil aux filles : SVP les photos de nues pour “l’amoureux d’aujourd’hui” … STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Strength and courage to the miss Zimbabwe in the difficult test that she crosses!

There is no word to explain the barbarity of this horrible act. No woman deserves to have his nudity spread so in the public square.

She has and will need support to overcome this, including that of the unknown that we are.

Little advice to girls: Please the pictures of naked for ‘a lover of today’… Stop!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Nathalie Koah emphatizes with Miss Zimbabwe over leaked photos.

  1. Solidarity well done.

    And you find out that it’s women who also spread these pictures.
    Back in the day when naivety was at it’s peak.When I use to get these type of pics from other girls laughing at the naivety of others. (Rem no blogs then but only email) I told them this could be you some day or your sister so stop spreading and sharing these pics.

    I am glad a lady like Nathalie who has been through public humiliation show some support. Life if an experience and only successful people admit their mistake and caution others not to face the same mistake.

    In this day and age where audio and camera’s are easily accessible. Please girls we have enough on our heads already against us. Protect yourself first and follow your instinct. Especially a partner that shows no respect for you. Him being accessible to your naked pictures is no guarantee he will stay or be faithful.

    By the way in UK this year it’s being declared illegal to send/spread such pictures. I pray the Zim girl #lawyerup. I don’t know the laws in the country or the origin of where this was spread. #Lawyerup

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