North Carolina woman sets of sprinklers in the ER because her wait was too LONG


She was very, very sick — of waiting.

A North Carolina woman who got tired of the wait in a hospital emergency room allegedly held a lighter up to one of its sprinklers, flooding the room with about half an inch of water.

The scene inside the ER was “chaotic and disastrous” as “copious amounts of water” poured down Wednesday afternoon, according to a police report obtained by Fox 46 Charlotte.

Katlyn Milligan, 20, told police she had been waiting in the ER of Carolinas HealthCare System – Blue Ridge in Morgantown for about two hours, as a relative got treated for a back problem.

Once she felt she couldn’t wait any longer, she went into a bathroom, turned over a trash can, stood on it and put a lighter to a sprinkler for at least a minute, police said.

The impatient instigator did, in one way, speed things up at the hospital — Milligan herself got taken into the ER to check for effects from exposure to the sprinkler’s stagnated water, officials said. After she was deemed okay and released, she got arrested.

Culled from NYDN


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