Cameroonian movie Nightfall soon to be released

Nightfall is a blend of Cameroon and Nollywood.


Inspector Robert Ngalle gets entangled in a crazy web of murder, cover-ups and mad schemes, which later culminates in the death of his wife and unborn child. He is a police inspector with a damaged self esteem; a result of a hidden family crime and conspiracy. Newly transferred to Buea from Douala, he barely has time to settle in before he is plunged into a world of atrocious crimes.  He discovers almost immediately that his new boss, owner of Emimi Hotel where he takes up guard, is not the angel he appears to be. But before long, Inspector Ngalle is caught between doing his job as an officer of the law or turning a blind eye and leading a peaceful life. Which will he go for? Nightfall is certainly one man’s battle to stay alive against crime and guilt.

Producer’s Vision:

In the quest to create an identifiable contemporary Cameroon film by the film’s producers, they went against the norm to create this experimental piece of visual art that brings both cinema cultures – Francophone and Anglophone actors to share a film set, share a story while maintaining the cultural and linguistic identities in the movie. However, after creating such a blend they realised maximising visibility and international market value would require an added touche so they brought in a Nollywood seasoned actor; Clem Ohameze who garnishes the production with his wealth of talent making Nightfall not just a national blended project but a collaboration project with Nollywood.



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