It has been a while

Let me start by apologizing for not making any posts in close to a month. I have been super busy trying to make ends meet. I made a promise to personalize this blog a few weeks ago, so, my FIRST post in a while is a little more personal.

My goal is to connect with you and stir conversations.

So…..drum rolls

My name is Mbenwoh (obviously), I was born at Manyemen hospital in Cameroon. I just turned 26 years old. I am the 5th of 6 children. My parents are from Lebialem. I have so many cousins, friends, aunties and uncles, they are the mote kind and self-less humans who ever walked the earth.

I attended Government primary school Central town Yaounde (graduated 1999). Moved to my village of Fontem for Secondary and High school. I graduated from Our lady, Seat of Wisdom College Fontem in June 2006. I attended 1 semester at University of Yaounde 1. Thereafter, I moved to Wichita,KS to study. My undergraduate degree is in nursing. I worked in the emergency room for a few years. I totally loved it. My coworkers were optimistic, and team work oriented problem solvers. Their love for the work facilitated my entry into this arena of nursing. I live in Baltimore right now (Go Ravens) and someday I hope to work as a Public Health Nurse.

I am not married. I have been single for over 6 months now. However, I always consider myself a relationship girl. I love love love being in a relationship. I am not actively searching for anyone (they say it happens when you least expect it..LOL). I enjoy going on dates, sharing thoughtful insights and just LAUGHING. Although I give preference to outdoor activities, Dinners, and movies are also good date ideas.

My favorite pets are meows. I love cats. They make you work for their love. I also love dogs. They are easy going.

Whenever I get the chance, I love searching for up and coming Cameroonian artists and reviewing their work. I think the Cameroonian entertainment industry is unto something BIG.

For the next few weeks to come, I will post some more stories and may be I can figure how to upload pictures directly from my phone. I have a ton of selfies to share LOL

See you friends.



PS. Please introduce yourselves too. LOL You can make it totally anonymous but say something.


8 thoughts on “It has been a while

  1. Can you tell us why a beautiful and intelligent lady young lady like you have been single for upto six months? Are there no gentlemen out there ?

  2. I can’t believe I’ve knownever you for Soo long and just found out that you where born in manyemen. Heheheh as for the being single part. . Lemme cough and clear my throat…..

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