Chop No dey

Cameroonian duo, Realm Squad are back with a banging street anthem called “Chop No Dey”, featuring Cameroonian pop star and TV personality Wax Dey. With addictive melodies, compelling dance rhythms and emotive lyrics, the song is sure to make waves!

“Chop No Dey” is a street anthem with a mix of African and Cameroonian sounds, such as Makossa,  a genre the young artists are used to, and which is also found in their debut single “Original Makossa” released a few months ago.

“Chop No Dey” (which means “there is no food” in English) is sung in English, French, Pidgin English, and Yamba/Mbem, a dialect from the North-West province of Cameroon.

“Cameroon is one of the world’s most educated countries, yet opportunities are scarce. “Chop No Dey” is a war-cry against the hurdles that many young Africans still face to succeed – we want to encourage the youth to work hard and remain determined, no matter what their challenges. We worked incredibly hard to get a place in the urban music scene today, and we do not take that for granted,” explained Vivid, one half of the group.

Consisting of singer Vivid and rapper/producer, Abz, Realm Squad was signed by Lolhiphop Records in March 2015. The group will be going on a national school tour with popular television show, “Challenge Vacances” as part of their promotional campaign.

The song was arranged and produced by Abz, and the video shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. Both audio and video are available online.




Twitter: DaRealmSquad / @WaxDey

Facebook: Realm Squad / Wax Dey


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