Incest rape: A man in Bamenda impregnates his daughter

Painfully Sad and true story

A man whose name we got as Jacob is presently under custody for impregnating his 16-year-old Daughter in Bamenda.

According to the pregnant girl’s account, her father suddenly developed an unusual love and affection towards her immediately her mother flew from home.

No sooner than later, father’s love and affection then resulted to a rape which later on became habitual until the pregnancy developed.

After the girl’s father discovered the pregnancy, he immediately gave her a sum of 30,000 FRS CFA to commit abortion, but the girl after several attempts failed as most of the health practitioners she met were unwilling to do it.

She finally decided to use the money in search for her mother who was taking some rest out from marital stress in Babanki. Her sweet rest was however short-lived after her daughter recounted the shocking and disgraceful tale.

The woman immediately alerted the police who took hold of her “husban” Mr. Jacob a local tyre repairer.



No place to cover; Red Cross paramedics use stretchers for umbrellas

Vivien Tonfack “Quand la pluie surprend lorsqu’on est dans un stade de football dans notre beau et cher pays, c’est le sauve qui peut. Là on est au stade municipal de Mbouda. Après 15 minutes de jeu dans le match de 19ème journée opposant Bamboutos à Canon (1-2), une pluie commence. Sans abri, ces gens de croix rouge se débrouillent avec leur civière.”

When the rain surprises one is in a football stadium in our beautiful and beloved country, it is the save which can. Here we are at the municipal stadium Mbouda. After 15 minutes of play in the game of 19 th day June,  Bamboutos versus Canon (1-2), The rain begun. Homeless, these people of red cross use their stretcher as an umbrella. 
Passe une bonne weekend,