Blinko : Je suis fou d’elle

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With its eternal seducer pen BLINKO the artist returns with a brand new single entitled “I’m crazy about her.” Presented last year as an artist determined to leave indelible marks in the Cameroonian music industry, he is back this time with a kneaded as punch and adrenaline.

We recall that a few months ago, BLINKO introduced the clip as “Commitment” which was in collaboration with MJ and was MICH was a real turning point in his career.

“I am crazy about her” fits like his previous single in idyllic universe that is a realistic tale of a lover of modern times does not skimp on the lyrics inspired most of the Cameroonian slang to declare his flame. Like a love song that brings into his world, “I am crazy about her” as the title suggests is for all those who have experienced the wonders of love.

Because finding love is a blessing, because to feel loved is a strength, because declare and share his love is fun … Enjoy without moderation the new single from BLINKO entitled “I’m crazy about her.”

BLINKO – I’m crazy about her (Prod by Dj Chris)

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