Update on Mr Gerald Kuissu… Longing for free speech

From Kah Walla’s facebook pageGeral Kuissu


Yesterday, members of the NGO Tribunal Article 53 who had just finished having a meeting with members of Amnesty International were arrested and taken in for questioning. Persons arrested included Gérard Kuissu, national coordinator of Tribunal Article 53, Benjamin Guifo, Akwe Saab and Elvadas Kengne, who is a Deputy Secretary General of the CPP. After being questioned for two hours all except Gerard Kuissu were released. Mr. Kuissu is being held for further questioning. Gerard Kuissu is a well-known activist in Cameroon. He is also a member of the Collective SOS Stolen Children, led by Cameroon O’Bosso.

No reason has been provided for the arrest of these activists nor for the continued detention of Mr. Kiussu. We demand his immediate release and a stop to the harassment and intimidation of activists who are simply doing their jobs.


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