Thinking of moving back to Cameroon? Here are 6 tips

Moving back to Cameroon (HOME)

Six tips for smooth repatriation

If you plan to move home one day, keep in touch with family, friends and culture while you are away. Then when you do move back you will feel more connected.

Repatriation is difficult when you do not have an independent home to go back to. Usually when people first move back they stay with family or friends, but you need to be in a place that enables you to re-organise and face your new life on personal terms and resources.

Deciding to go back means that you choose to live there, therefore do not behave there as if you were still living abroad. Do not live like a stranger in your own country – eat what people eat, it’s part of your DNA anyway.

If you go back home with your children, send them to schools where they learn to see the link between knowledge and real life, allowing them to build a local network for the future.

One of the most difficult aspects of going back home is that you do not have a local network to support you at the beginning because nobody remembers who you are. You have to spend time creating a network.

Do not use your foreign experience to make other people feel inferior. It is psychologically damaging, not only for them, but for yourself … you will feel healthier and happier if you contribute to improving quality of life beyond yourself and immediate family.

Ruth Bamela Engo is president of African Action on Aids

Culled from the guardian


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