Que la jalousie commence …. Number 1 girl TV show returns for Season 2

Only a few days left till the second season of Cameroon’s own reality TV show ‘Number One Girl’ hits the screens! Season 2 that was recently shot in Limbe, Douala and Lagos, will broadcast from 02 April to 06 June on Equinoxe TV.

During this broadcast, viewers will share the finalists’ experiences as they receive coaching in areas such as modeling, TV presentation, choreography and self-expression, with coaches including Cyril Bojiko, Miss Cameroon, Miss Seme Beach, and Tito Valery. Viewers will also discover how one candidate won a internship on one of Cameroon’s biggest radio stations, and follow the trip of one of the candidates to a red carpet event in Nigeria where she rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in African music.

But the show also teaches the candidates the value of giving back – we will see the girls follow Miss Cameroon to visit schools and offer help to students who cannot afford their fees. Three girls will through the show, offer scholarships to students in primary and secondary schools, and one university student is expected to take home a scholarship at the show finale scheduled to take place in June this year.

Live all these moments with the beautiful courageous and enterprising Number One Girls. Catch season premiere this 02 April on Equinoxe TV, every Thursday toSaturday, with rebroadcasts from Monday to Wednesday.


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