Yes! In Cameroon girls get “LOCKED UP” for perpetuating rape by indescent dressing

In 2013 a policy/law was passed in Cameroon which states how women should dress to avoid rape. Well, this laws is being enforced in Buea and Cameroonian ACE producer Agbor Gilbert spoke about it on facebook

Every evening in Buea young girls are been arrested and locked up at the police station. That the girls are not well dressed. Is the a dress code in Cameroon? Why can’t the Government stop the Chinese business men not to import those dresses into the country. Most our sisters experience being locked up before the get out of the University. Is the really a law in this country about how the female or girl child should dress. More to that… I don’t see this arrest happening anywhere else but Buea. President Paul Biya did stopped this in the open, my question is who is responsible for the laws of our nation. The President, The Assembly or The Ministers. Please stop arresting girls at night in BUEA.


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