Jovi, Reniss, French Kind support B.I.R

10346624_10153138531163817_4414738808478248590_nReniss11010298_10153138530808817_7200760799129882250_n Jovi Le Monstre.

Idrassou shared these photos of Jovi and his team at the club. Said the show was marvelous

Jovi à l’OG Night hier, c’était GEANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10297616_10153138531333817_1820781201151516591_n 10346624_10153138531163817_4414738808478248590_n 10614176_10153138530948817_2468059520747425243_n 10987648_10153138531373817_5473022100948425109_n 11010298_10153138530808817_7200760799129882250_n 11010298_10153138530858817_3801635721882780032_n 11018887_10153138531138817_2357031064932230795_n 11025748_10153138530963817_6869528888378331633_n 11031647_10153138530998817_8205181260130448311_n 11034240_10153138531198817_7142077945336178074_n


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