How to get telemarketers to delete your phone number FOREVER

Are you tired of telemarketers? I have a permanent solution to get them off your shoulders.

Do not play music! People generally enjoy any kind of music. As such, the marketers would take you for granted. Instead, Read them the Holy Bible. Any chapter, verse

This is what happened when my instincts pushed me to try this technique lol

The best moments are the one’s unplanned for. Unceasantly receive calls from Carribean Cruise lines telemarketers. Well! today I give them a piece of my mind. After begging them for months “please delete my number from your database” I have found the solution. Just read them the Bible. Yes! read them the Bible. I read Exodus 20:1-7.. before I reached verse 8 the man said “mam we are taking your number off our database”. hahahahah


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