Nathalie Koah in bikini

11075215_1656084151279809_6554471669260187392_n Socialite Nathalie Koah shared this bikini photo. She is currently in Dubai


A God we can trust


Show us Your mercy, Lord,
And grant us Your salvation.

Psalm 85:7 NKJV

Trust is something we can earn with one another.  However, from the moment God saves us, He trusts us and believes in us.  Does He think we will never make another mistake? God knows we will still make mistakes, but His Spirit lives in us, and this is a point of uncompromising trust.

Many people read God’s Word and then allow the enemy to twist God’s truth in such a way that they doubt God’s goodness.  When there are people in our lives who promise us things but fail to deliver, an attitude of cynicism can seep into our thinking.  Trusting anyone can be a major challenge for us when we have been disappointed time and time again.

However, God has a reputation of trust for several millenniums.  Throughout the Bible, we do not read of God promising to do something and then not following up on His promise.  For some people steeped in cynicism, this might take longer to believe than others.  But in the end, the truth is revealed; God is faithful, always.

God’s faithfulness is great.  His promises do not always unfold the way we imagined, but He always keeps them.  As God proves His faithfulness to us, we learn that He is ultimately trustworthy with everything, including our lives.  We can rest confidently in that assurance.

Dear Lord, cleanse me of any cynicism that has seeped into my
thinking.  I embrace Your faithfulness and trustworthiness with
renewed assurance.Amen

Wisdom for good health


Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?
For you were bought at a price; glorify God in your
body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NKJV

In a certain office building, it is not uncommon to hear excited whispers in the halls on Thursday mornings.  There, Thursdays have practically become weekly holidays, days to look forward to, a bright spot of expectation in an otherwise ordinary workweek.  You see, Thursday is the day on which lunch is catered by the culinary genius known only as “The Taco Guy.”  Nobody leaves work hungry on Thursdays.

However, there are those who wince at the thought of such a fine spread of food.  The problem for these unfortunates is that they do not trust their self-control when presented with such a plentiful buffet.  Rather than making wise decisions in preparing their lunch plates, they either pile on as much food as possible or avoid the cafeteria altogether.

Does wisdom offer a better solution? Is there not a “middle ground” by which one can enjoy the feast and yet maintain a healthy diet? Scripture clearly teaches that the body is the temple of God’s Holy Spirit; cramming tacos, fajitas, sour cream, and salsa into every nook and cranny of that temple is unwise, because that misuses both the body and the wonderful gift of food that God has provided.

Pray for wisdom in maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you can achieve success mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Do not deny yourself the occasional indulgence, but be wary of unhealthy habits.  Your body is God’s temple; fuel it with that which will keep your temple functioning properly for as long as possible.

Lord, I realize my body is Your temple.  Help me maintain a healthy
lifestyle so I can successfully fulfill Your purpose for my life.