Sexual abuse perpetrator at CAMTEL suspended


The case was reported to the General Manager, David Nkotto Emane that hit the hand on the table to whistle the end of the re-creation of the bad practices that court in this business.

During the day of January 15, 2015 around 15 pm, a lady in service CAMTEL and we prefer to remain nameless was urgently called by a B. Alexander, deputy director of transport networks to CAMTEL.

This woman is the wife of a personality that also bears the name and really had nothing to do with Mr. B. Alexander outside the limited scope of work. But the poor lady once in the principal’s office was surprised to see in front of her executioner who is loosely prepared for plowing.

Was it an abuse of power or a premeditated rape? the question is worth its weight in gold before this ridiculous act of a director who could not be armed with all the techniques of pitch and elegance for the lady in his arms.

The director chose violence to satisfy his voluptuous instincts, but evil took him because he will be stopped dead in its project thanks to the cries of the woman who attracted the attention of colleges. Reprimanded by other Bassop officials will bow to the lady to ask for forgiveness or the husband was already aware and have taken legal action.

Dg Camtel washing the insult and punished Bassop Alexandre
In the day of 9 February 2015, a decision of the Director General CAMTEL suspended Bassop Alexandre deputy director of transport networks CAMTEL for a period which was not communicated to us. Other analyzes reveal that the decision of the DG is a farce to protect or bleach because the case had already reached the upper echelons of the state.

Other witnesses interviewed chuckle speak of a ping pong women of CAMTEL by a certain category of family directors Nkotto Emane. We will publish in our next edition, the full list of executives who harass CAMTEL emplyees.

At the heart of the city center of the political capital of Cameroon, near the central post office, a building of 12 levels was out of land housing the headquarters of the Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel). This state company has rain or shine during one time when revenues lent a hand to the salaries of the Cameroonian government. Between 2000-2005 CAMTEL entries was 120 billion FCFA months.

Domestic debt of the company vis-à-vis state totaled more than 150 billion FCFA. The staff were regular premiums, wages a pattern related to copy management. Personnel whose numbers fit with the missions of the structure. Basically technical recruitment and income generators.

According to many sources introduced, the decline of the society of which we blames David Nkotto Emane CEO is just pure imagination. It is true when a family tomb, an accusing finger is usually pointed at the head as the main author. But in the case of CAMTEL, a group of “foxes” out of diverse backgrounds raided the structure which had however well equipped managers need new technologies of information and communication (NTIC) given the slew of projects in place to drive the Cameroon to its emergence in 2035.

Nkotto Emane recruiting these frameworks to their knowledge would not have put up a moral inquiry, the results of their work were to prevent the CAMTEL to hire thugs and kleptomaniac who strip daily crates this company or orchestrated excesses such as sexual harassment of colleagues.

Other knowledgeable observers argue that unhealthy practices within the CAMTEL are the result of the actions of the CEO at one time and that its employees would simply copied this example, which would come from above it is often said. The structure has abandoned its mission to create some Machiavellian networks similar to esoteric circles. This also explains recruitment for political and social reasons.

Thus, promotion on the couch would have taken precedence over other considerations related to the competence and merit. A society composed of approximately 59% of women whose most impressive physical attributes would that leave no one indifferent normal man. Evidence that these “gazelles” as some call them managers were hired under condition. The mentioned system goes from bad to worse until they entrust most of the company’s responsibilities. A well fouinée survey showed that 63% of those responsible for CAMTEL are women even though we know the approximate intellectual faculties of the ladies.

This according to some executives who requested anonymity is justified by the fact that the board is almost nonexistent. Chief Mukete its president, 97 years old would no longer have all the intellectual and physical capacities, corrupt administrators greater control of the State which would be to the cause of David Nkotto Arises on the grounds that “it is a son the head of state. ”

Far from us focus on the company’s performance that are not also to applaud before the competition from other mobile operators, we limit ourselves to certain incidents at CAMTEL and prove that nothing ever goes Within this structure.



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