Should a man marry soon as he becomes a leader; ethnic, political, spiritual etc?

Behind every successful man is a woman-Anonymous
When should a man (leader) get married to a woman so he can start enjoying his success-Mbenwoh

The first quote is quite common and the second I totally made up. Today, I want to write about my random thoughts. I have been thinking about how lucky lay people (non-royals) can be for not having to follow so many laws and rules except for the ones by God. As a royal person gets free food (i hope), chairs at ceremony, respect, get to lead traditional rites, education, transportation, easy life as I think. But the responsibilities of keeping a community together, promoting culture and unity is shared amongst all but primary responsibility of the King. Life is easier with a partner- they say.
A young man busy pursuing life’s goals like education, career, independence and then inherits a leadership position.

How young is too young to get married? How soon should a chief get married? Should a “modern day” chief inherit his father’s wives? And who should choose the chief’s wife (community or himself)

I would love to hear your thoughts


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